2009 Ravens Predictions

April 16, 2009 |

The Ravens’ schedule has been released and like most of the contestants I wanted to give my prediction for the season. It’s all for fun and could change with the draft and injuries.
KC – Win. The Chiefs are still rebuilding and the M&T will be rocking. The Ravens have too much talent and we will finally get a victory over KC in Baltimore!

@ SD – Win. The defense has been weakened and Shawne Merriman is coming back from an injury. Norv Turner is a great Coordinator but a terrible Head Coach. A very tight game into the 4th qtr then John Harbaugh & Cam Cameron will help us steal a crucial road win early in the season.

Clev – Win. The Browns have a new coach and a new attitude. But they have a QB controversy and this is the one position on a football team where you must have an undisputed #1. As usual, it will be a hard hitting divisional game. The Browns will play tough for the first half and fade down the stretch.

@ NE – Win. Tom Brady is great QB, coming back from an injury. We are lucky to catch him early in the year. He and Randy Moss will beat us for 1 big play but it won’t be enough. It will be a tough game going down to the wire without any Brady magic in the 4th qtr. Like all good teams, we find a way to win. We steal another victory on the road. We kick a FG in the last minute for the win.

Cinci – Loss. I hate to say it but the Ravens will have a let-down at Home. This will get us focused for next game against the Vikings.

@ Min – Win. The Vikings are a very talented team with average QBs. We will see lots of Adrian Peterson. This will be a true brawl and battle of the lines. This will be a game of a few big plays. It will be decided by whoever makes the last big play. In Matt Birk’s return home to Minnesota, he gives Cam Cameroon insight to the Vikings D-line and the last big play!

Den – Win. The Broncos have new coach who inherited a weak defense. Without Jay Cutler, the Broncos offense will not be the same. The Ravens come back strong after the bye week and win in a blow out.

@Cinci – Win. The Ravens will avenge their early season loss to the Bengals. The Ravens will be focused and ready. They put this one away by half time.

@ Clev – Win. Cleveland will be crazy for the Ravens return and MNF. Another division game, it will be tough and physical. Since the Browns are at home, they will keep it close 3 qtrs. Then the Ravens pull away in the 4th qtr.

Indy – Loss. The homer in me says we will finally beat the Colts but the realist says no. We haven’t stopped Peyton Manning in recent history. Until we prove we can stop him and the Colts offense, this is a loss. I’ll take a split against Tom Brady & Peyton Manning.

Pit – Win. SNF in Baltimore! The fans and the team want to avenge the 3 losses from the last year. This won’t be for the faint of heart. The game will be about smash mouth football, featuring huge hits by both defenses. Another close game that will be decided late in the 4th qtr. Lady luck smiles on us and we score with 4 minutes to go. Our improved defensive backfield doesn’t give up a big play in the final minutes and secures the win. The Ravens will take a huge step towards winning the division with a victory in this game.

@GB – Loss. MNF @ the legendary Lambeau Field. This is a trap game if ever there was one. Coming off an emotional victory, a beat up Ravens team loses this game. We will be one step behind on a few big plays and lose by 10.

Det – Win. The Ravens get a little home cooking and support from the fans. Jim Schwartz’s head coaching debut in his hometown will be ugly. He brings a bad Lions team into this season. They don’t have enough talent to compete. Given time, he will build them into winners. This night he loses in a blow out.

Chi – Win. The Bears will come into Baltimore hoping to clinch the NFC North title. They will have to wait until next wk. Another close game at home with drama and hard hits! Because we are at home, the Ravens will win on a Jay Cutler turnover.

@ Pit – Loss. The Ravens could clinch the AFC North with a victory. Regardless of their records, these games are about knockout hits and punishing the opponent whenever you can. Like 2 heavy weights slugging it out, both teams will leave battered and bruised. It will be close all the way to the end. The Steelers are at home and win. They are tied with us for first place in the division.

@ Oak – Win. Being on the west coast, the Ravens will have the advantage of knowing whether the Dolphins have defeated the Steelers. The Ravens beat the Raiders

The Ravens will go 12-4. We will tie the Steelers for the Division Title. I’m not sure who will win the tie breaker. I am confident of two things about the 2009 season. First, this will be the most physical year of Ravens football ever. Once again we have corners that can cover 1 on 1. New Def Coordinator Greg Mattison will blitz and stunt more than we ever have before. Our schedule has many opponents who will try to match our hard-hitting, and we will sustain some major injuries over the season. Second, I am confident that the path to the Superbowl goes through Indianapolis this year.