2010 Ravens Draft

April 15, 2009 |

After listening to the draft show on WNST, I’ve come to one conclusion; leave it to the experts. These guys spend more time and energy diagnosing players to team needs than any amatuer ever could.
If we’ve learned anything from the Ravens it’s to trust them explicitly. Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta have draft history on their side. They have had three times the hits to misses. Joe Flacco won’t ever make us forget Kyle Boller, but he’ll take some of the sting out of that one.
As for this year, I bet they don’t take a wide reciever in the first round. If they do, I’ll support the pick 100%. I questioned the Flacco pick. Once again, I’ll leave it to the guys who know.
The nice thing about this year’s draft is that I see them drafting more for depth than need. Every good football team needs depth because of the inevitable injuries. The Ravens are drafting from a position of strength which should increase their odds of success.