The end of my WNSTBSMS dreams

July 17, 2012 | James Finn

Yesterday was the final day of spring training, metaphorically, and I didn’t make the roster.  I am no longer in the running to become the next WNST Baltimore Sports Media Superstar.

First and foremost, I want to thank Nestor Aparicio for the opportunity.  Not every CEO in Baltimore is willing to hire someone based on the merits of a competition, let alone in radio.  He should be applauded for having the balls to think outside the box, not once, but 4 times.  I had a great time blogging, tweeting, debating, and all things connected with this contest.  It’s an experience I won’t soon forget, and I’m ever grateful for.  To compete alongside many intelligent Baltimore sports minds, and to be included in this elite group was exciting and humbling at the same time.

Ultimately, when it came time for Nestor to make cuts (a position I wouldn’t have envied), he used the results of a written test as the sole basis for selecting finalists.  I did not perform well on this test.  I blame nobody,  It’s my own fault.  I don’t have an encyclopedic memory.  I don’t follow closely enough the Terps (sorry Glenn) or Caps.  I don’t know the names of coaches I wasn’t alive to watch.  Other instances, I failed to remember the names of the 2002 Terps National Championship game, which frustrates me to no end, as I went to high school with a member of that team (Bench player Earl Badu, who my brother SWEARS he beat in a game of 50-put out), and even watch the 3 who went . It was a true test of how little it seems I know, and how little I can remember.

I never claimed it would be easy, but I never said I wouldn’t bust my hump to make it happen.

In the last year, at 32 years old, I’ve went back to school 30 hours a week, worked 3 (unpaid) internships, three part-time jobs to help pay the mortgage, all while trying to break into Stand-up comedy (a trade equally as cruel as Radio).  Next Month, I’ll become a full fledged graduate of the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland (on the Presidents list, no less). I’ve been busier than anybody I know, abandoning the Retail Management training I’ve had nearly all of my adult life to chase a dream.

I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do in such a short amount of time.

My resolve is strong.  I’ll continue to write, always a strong point of mine, and bone up on my history.  I’ll likely start my own blog in an attempt to monetize my efforts, while not completely abandoning my “Barstool” blog here.

To anyone who’d enjoyed my audition, read anything I’ve written, or supported my efforts in any way, I thank you.  Keep your eyes peeled, because you’ve not seen the last of me, or the best I have to offer.  I’m a natural optimist, and just as sure as the Orioles can right the ship (if not this season, soon), so can I.

Fianlly, Best of luck to everyone who still remains in the competition.  As much as I was a part of the competetion, I am equally a fan of the process.  Whomever emerges as the WNSTBSMS winner truly deserves it.

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