2112 cans of food for Baltimore’s homeless

December 14, 2010 | Drew Forrester

A month ago, we asked WNST listeners and WNST.net readers to help Baltimore’s struggling families this holiday season by helping us collect canned foods.

We set an ambitious goal of 1570 cans.

Today, we dropped off 2112 cans of food to the Canton Baptist Church on Toone St. They run a food bank that services the downtown area and we’re excited to know that all of that food will be put to great use this winter.

2112 cans.

All because of you.

I can’t begin to list everyone who dropped off cans, because I know I’d leave someone out and that’s the worst thing I can do.

Everyone who dropped something off counts.

Three years ago on opening day at Camden Yards, an Orioles staffer shouted me down with the now famous quote that I still remember like it was yesterday. “Your station doesn’t matter. You have one listener, Drew.”

Well, the station that doesn’t matter dropped off 2112 cans of food today because our listeners and readers believe in helping Baltimore.

We say this a lot and it always bears repeating because it’s important. And I realize others around town who are loosely referenced in this statement will be offended, and I’m honestly not saying this to pick on them — I’m saying it to brag about you, and those of you who value WNST.

We are Baltimore.

There’s a station in town that runs an on-air promo right now saying, “We are Baltimore sports”. Well, you might be airing your programming in Baltimore, but about 90% of your on-air staffers are not FROM Baltimore. About 90% of your staffers never bought a $4.00 student discount ticket at Memorial Stadium and sat in the upper deck on a warm summer night to cheer on Eddie, Cal and Boddicker. About 90% of your staffers never once went to the “world’s largest outdoor insane asylum” with their father to watch the REAL Colts play football on a cold November afternoon. 90% of your on-air folks never bought a ticket to a Clippers game or watched Stan Stamenkovic work his magic at a Blast game in 1984. You’re not Baltimore if you’re not FROM Baltimore.

WNST is Baltimore.

And because we’re Baltimore, our listeners and readers are Baltimore.

And that’s why you all came through over the last 30 days when we leaned on you to help us with our canned food drive.

You get it.

You understand that Baltimore, as great as it is, still has needs that go beyond the capabilities of families and people who are less fortunate than all of us.

And because of YOU — the folks who donated the food and took time out of your schedule to make the trip to WNST to say “hi” — the Canton Baptist Chuch spent all day figuring out where to store 2112 cans of food for the upcoming winter months.

Thanks again for all of your help, support and participation.

We truly appreciate you.

You’re Baltimore.

And let’s get one thing straight — “WNST…is Baltimore sports”.