Week 16 NFL Predictions

December 23, 2012 | Derek Halford

Giants 24

Ravens 13

The Giants have one of the best defensive fronts in the league. Between the below average play of the Ravens line and a guy named Joe Flacco at QB, the Ravens are just going to keep falling. Flacco has no pocket presence and no accuracy. If the Ravens are smart, he’ll be gone after this season.

Saints 27

Cowboys 23

The Cowboys are close to the playoffs again. They control their destiny. The ‘Boys will blow it once again. The Saints are going to come into Dallas and take the W.

Titans 16

Packers 31

Not much of a game here. The Packers are playing great.

Colts 27

Chiefs  10

The Colts are back in the playoffs as they clinch with the win today!

Bills 19

Dolphins 22

I think the Dolphins are going to finish strong and win these last 2 games to finish .500.

Chargers 24

Jets 13

Different QB, same story for the Jets.

Redskins 29

Eagles 21

I’m picking the Skins to win the NFC East this year! RGIII will win rookie of the year with the season he has had.

Bengals 24

Steelers 23

Toss up game! Tough game between 2 AFC North foes who are fighting for a playoff spot. I think the Bengals will pull it out and clinch a playoff spot while the Steelers will lose and be out of the playoffs for the first time since 2009.

Rams 24

Buccaneers 28

The Bucs disappointed. They were suppose to be a playoff team this year. But I think they’ll finish strong and finish .500.

Raiders 13

Panthers 27

The Panthers are another team that disappointed this year. Hopefully they can come out strong next season by finishing strong this season.

Patriots 33

Jaguars 15

Tom Brady and the Patriots are going to keep that high fly offense going and blow over Jacksonville today.

Vikings 24

Texans 34

Adrian Peterson will have a big game today and put a dent into those 294 yards he needs to break the record. But it wont be enough to beat the Texans.

Browns 10

Broncos 37

Broncos will go up by a mile and never look back today in Mile High Stadium.

Bears 20

Cardinals 13

The Bears are lucky they have the Cardinals today because they need a win to stay in playoff contention.

49ers 30

Seahawks 33

This is going to be a great Prime Time game! 2 very even NFC West teams fighting for the playoffs and the division title. The Seahawks are at home and they don’t lose at home. Plus the fact that the Seahawks have played more consistent than the 49ers. Luckily for the 49ers, that tie looks like will win them the division.