24 Hours Later: The Kick, Boller & Darling

November 20, 2007 | WNST Interns

I think I have seen it all now! For a fleeting moment I thought the football gods were smiling on the Ravens and the City of Baltimore.  Surely, Johnny U. had sent one down from heaven. After all, how could a ball hit the left upright and then the cross bar and come out. That only happens in a bad Disney movie staring ”The Rock.” Yup, that’s were it happens all right.

Twenty four hours later, I still can’t believe it. The Ravens have now lost four straight games and thoughts of the playoffs are all but gone. Here are some observations from the game.

<strongBoller: In the end I was proud of the way Kyle Boller finished the game. For the first time all season, the Ravens stretched the field and he made some great throws in the fourth quarter. He also showed his toughness once again, as he took an enormous pounding (six sacks). But what happened in the first half? No first downs until 1:08 remaining in the second quarter, 37 yards total offense. That’s the maddening thing about Boller; it seems from half-to-half, we don’t know what we will get. Let’s hope he builds off the fourth quarter and can finish the rest of the season as strong as that. Yes, he should be starter for the next couple of games.

More Boller: By the way is it me or does he play better in a spread formation out of the gun in no huddle? Could it be that he doesn’t have time to think and analyze, and he just goes out and plays?

DVD: Devard Darling finally arrived. He provided the Ravens the home run threat they have missed all season. Like Boller, let’s hope it’s just not a fleeting moment of brilliance. Where has he been the last few years?

Special Teams: One word: AWFUL! What has happened to the kick coverage? BJ Sams’ injury is proving to be much more of a problem than we anticipated. Cory Ross, Ed Reed, and Yamon Figurs all had their problems.

Defense: We really miss Samari Rolle. It’s not so easy to replace a top level corner in the NFL. I think people who booed last year are starting to realize that. At least I hope they do. What’s happened to the pass rush?

Billick’s Play-Calls: Good debate on the third-and-1 call. Not sure if it was right or wrong. I am more interested  in knowing why they kept kicking to Josh Cribbs. Hadn’t we seen enough to avoid giving him a chance? The one thing we couldn’t allow was a good return and they got it. Stop them at the 20- or 25-yard line on the kick and the game is over.

What’s next?: It will be interesting to see how they rebound against San Diego. A loss like this could be devastating. Or, maybe they will build on the good offensive things in the second half. Heck the Chargers are in the same boat.

Fans: Good job today, 12th Man. The stadium really was rocking in the fourth quarter.