Are You Really Ready For Sunday To Come?

October 28, 2009 |

This has to be one of the finest moments in my life, I finally have a blog up on Baltimore’s Best Local Sports Website….WNST. Thanks for the round of applause, but now lets to get to my take…Trentler’s Take

Has the sky fallen on the Ravens Playoff chances? It sounds like an easy question to answer, my answer is yes and no. You see the sky started to fall on the Ravens losing three straight close games to Teams just as good or better then the Ravens. All three games you saw the Ravens fight till the end in those close games, but fell short in all three instances.  The team has lost the abilityto finish the fight in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter. A missed catch by Clayton that could of extended a game winning drive against the Patriots, Inexcusable Penalties in the final seconds in the Bengals, and a last second missed Field Goal by Steve Hauska. In which the young kicker should not be blamed. Since the start of the season the Ravens were racking up points on the ground and the air, and had no need to put Hauska in pressure situations. I think that had alot to do with why he missed not mention a bad snap by Katula. Well it’s all said and done were 3-3. The only thing to do is just win baby!

But with the sky falling on our playoff chances, the sky came down a little faster this time around, while all are hands are up in hope to catching the sky before it pummels us to the ground.  That came from the Steelers pulling out a win against the Vikings, and the Bengals annihilatingthe Bears. I mean looking at the standings Both the Bengals and Steelers are 5-2, and we the Purple Birds are average 3-3. Thats only2 wins that seperate them right now, but you can say thats, but it’s huge 2 wins. So right now the Bengals got the bye that still has them at 5-2, if we for some reason finally beat a team with the winning record, and thats if the Broncos get off the glue their sniffing and we win were 4-3. Just 1 game back from them, and then we go to Cin City the next week and Crapsburgh has the Bye. We win the next two we can at least be shooting for the Sixth Seed in the Playoffs.

So in closing we got to win the next 2 Games, matter fact change that we need to win the next game, and that’s this Sunday at the Bank. This Sunday we find out if there’s still fight left in them, or we will find out that maybe a 6-0 Team that were looking past with our Purple Blinders on, Could just very be the final impact that causes the Diesaster that we all dread. Our Deffence, The Prize Fighter who took down foes and Giants alike who is out of it’s prime but still shows glimpes of what it used to be. Is down 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9… Will we get up at 10? As much as everyone wants Sunday to come, I think alot of people quietly dread that Sundays comming.  I know I am not ready to deal with what might take place on Sunday. But like myself and the Ravens time dont wait for nobody

Thats my Take…..Trentler’s Take