30 Clubs in 30 words

February 16, 2010 |

With the sound of baseballs whizzing through the air, spring training has arrived.  The crack of a fastball breaking in a new catcher’s mitt, the mingling with new teammates, and the hopes and dreams of winning a world series are about to begin.  Baseball is back.  Over the next several days, I will give my thoughts and opinions on the 30 clubs for the 2010 season.  I have one word that will describe every MLB club for this season.  Here’s what they are:

Yankees – Athletic

Red Sox – Deep

Rays – Mysterious

Orioles – Improving

Blue Jays – Rebuilding

Twins – Intriguing

Tigers – Uncertainty

White Sox – Revamped

Royals – Complacent

Indians – Young

Angels – Falling

A’s – Developing

Mariners – Overrated

Rangers – Poised

Phillies – Offensive

Marlins – Scary

Braves –  Close

Mets – Dysfunctional

Nationals – Competitive

Cardinals – Drama

Cubs – Catastrophe

Brewers – Ready

Astros – Experimenting

Reds – Enthusiastic

Pirates – Entertaining

Dodgers – Handcuffed

Rockies – Dangerous

Diamondbacks – Talented

Giants – Armed

Padres – Transitioning

I will explain each word for each team in the upcoming days.  Also, give you the players to watch out for and who may just be changing addresses by the non-waiver deadline on August 31st.  Baseball is here, FINALLY!