30 Days For Killing Somebody ??? Are You Kidding Me …..

June 16, 2009 |

In case you haven’t heard the news ….. the Cleveland Browns’ Donte’ Stallworth has been sentenced to 30 days in jail, for his part in killing a pedestrian, with his vehicle, while intoxicated. Stallworth was sentenced, in Miami, this morning.

There are several views and factors related to this case. But, regardless of opinions, spins and deals, a sobering FACT remains – Donte’ Stallworth killed another human being and the guy’s life was evidently only worth 30 measly days …..

….. and an undetermined amount of cash.

Is this how the justice system works? At this point, I’m inclined to say “YES – in some situations.” And, it’s a sad testament to how lawyers and so called experts exploit the process of deliberation. Judges ??? Prosecutors ??? They’re lawyers, too, and they’re becoming part of the problem.

Why was the victim’s family compensated prior to the completion of criminal proceedings? In most situations, the civil process follows the criminal matter and resolution. Why? So the public doesn’t raise their eyebrows with suspicion amid “the family got paid off” accusations.

Donte’ Stallworth did not commit his crime against Mario Reyes’ family. He committed his crime against SOCIETY, and specifically against the citizens of Florida. Yet, Mr. Reyes’ family was a determining factor in the outcome of the case.

That’s bunk.

When the family accepted a financial settlement, their consideration in this case should’ve been over. If they couldn’t wait until the criminal case was settled, their true motivation becomes pretty evident.

If Donte’ Stallworth kills another person in a few years, who will bear the responsibility? The judge ??? The prosecutor ??? In fact, if my family member died at the hands of Donte’ Stallowrth or another prior offender, with a past “slap on the wrist,” I’d be looking for some civil remedy, myself.

And, I’d be looking at the very people who arranged for Stallworth’s freedom, in just 30 days time.

Unreal ……