Gary Williams lets another one slip away

April 22, 2009 |

Rudy Gay, Carmello Anthony, Malcolm Delaney, Kevin Durant, Jack McClinton, these are just some of the long list of players that were Maryland High School Basketball legends that for whatever reason failed to land in a Terps uniform.

Now you can add one more to that list; Terrell Vinson. Vinson, who was being recruited by the likes of Maryland, Georgetown, Louisville and Memphis, committed to UMASS last night.

I know there is nothing you can do if a player does not choose your school, but  Vinson made it known he wanted to play at Maryland, I just do not think the Terps made a good enough effort to land the Baltimore star.

For those of you who listened to me on the radio, you heard me mention Vinson’s name and how he would be a better fit in College Park then “Born Ready.”

I cover high school sports for Press Box and I got to go to many of the BCL basketball games this year and got to see some great basketball.

This season I got to watch one of the greatest teams in Baltimore Basketball history in St. Frances who were lead by Terrell Vinson.

St. Frances won the BCL and MIAA titles, something they had never done before, and Vinson was the one that took them there.

The 6’7’’ versatile big man averaged 23 points on the year, despite being his opponent’s main defensive focus.

Vinson had originally committed to Loyola Marymount but opened up his recruitment after their coach got fired mid way through this past season, but the Terps failed to pounce on him.

Maryland had the easiest chance to see Vinson, all of his games were within 30 minutes of College Park, yet they lost him for the second time in a year.

Ranked number 47 on ESPN’s top 100 recruits list, there is little doubt about his game; however, he is just as good of a kid as he is a player.

At St. Frances, Vinson played under no nonsense coach Mark Karcher. As the coach, Karcher’s goal was not to win basketball games but to turn his players into better “men” in society and anyone who has met Vinson knows he embraced this ideal.

Vinson does not come with the same “hype” that Lance Stephenson comes with, but that is a good thing.

Vinson is the type of player that Gary Williams “likes”; he works hard, doesn’t run his mouth, doesn’t bask in the limelight and just gets the job done.

Why then are the Terps focusing more on Stephenson then they were on Vinson? I have no idea and I think it could backfire on them.

Vinson is likely to be a 3 or 4 year player in college while Stephenson made it known he will be a “1 and done”.

The Maryland program needs to build continued success and Vinson would have been the guy to bring this too them.

At 6’7” Vinson would of given the Terps some size and with his ability to shoot from the perimeter he would have been a tough match up in the ACC.

After landing Sean Mosley from St. Frances last season, many felt that Williams had made in roads back into Baltimore, but another failure to land Baltimore’s best player, shows that he has not.

After a surprising run to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, things were looking up for the Terps and with James Padgett and Jordan Williams coming in next season.

Losing Vinson is a major blow for this team next year, especially if Lance Stephenson signs elsewhere.

So pay attention Terps fans when you are watching the Atlantic 10 Tournament and you see a talented versatile player just tearing up his opponents.

You will say to yourself “Man, that guy is good, I wonder where he is from” and then you will learn he is from Baltimore and wonder why yet another Baltimore star spurned the Terps.

Look on the bright side; at least they were able to land Braxton Dupree and Dino Gregory from Baltimore.