$45k a day to work in a horses**t city…

November 10, 2007 | Drew Forrester

So … thanks to a little “spy in the sky” and a few other friends of the station, we have obtained both the audio and video clips of Aubrey Huff’s Thursday night interview on a national radio show hosted by Tampa’s “Bubba the Love Sponge”.

First, the audio is literally littered with “the f-word” and various other foul language that we can’t put up on this site until we’ve had time to determine what we legally can — and can’t — link via the station’s web site.  Give us some time and we’ll have some portion of the audio and/or video up here.

I can tell you this: Approximately 16:00 into the interview, the conversation turns towards Huff’s time in Tampa and he remarks about going out to a nightclub with other players. There’s a story about Huff’s clothing being too baggy. Suddenly, the topic changes and another voice (I’m assuming it’s “Bubba” but there were a number of voices involved with the show so I can’t be sure) says, “Well, Baltimore … is it a baseball town? Is there a different respect there?” And Huff says, “It is … it’s an older organization … they have some pride … but … what a horses**t city.”

That’s followed by a bunch of laughter … almost a shocking kind of laughter sound. And the announcer says, “Seriously?” And then one of the announcers says, “Boy, that’s gonna go over well. You’ll be booed everywhere.” And Huff responds by saying, “Yeah, well the way we’re playing, we’re gonna have as many fans as Tampa Bay pretty soon.”

Huff spoke with Roch Kubatko of The Sun sometime today and gave his account, trying to say he was talking about the nightlife … the bars, etc. Well, when you hear the interview, there’s nothing that would indicate that. There’s no direct question like: ”OK, Aubrey, we know you like the nightlife in Tampa. How is it in Baltimore?” There’s no question of the sort. They start discussing Baltimore as a baseball town and then Huff throws in his remark.

Now, perhaps our crime rate here is a tad high. Like most major cities in America, there’s probably more dope dealing than we’d like to see. And, perhaps, if you’re in your 20s and looking for a good time out on the town, maybe there aren’t a lot of hot spots to frequent and chase the opposite sex.

But, when you’re making $8 million a year … $45,000 a day … employed in that city — and the only reasonable assessment of your “hometown” (for now) is to call it “horses**t” … well, you have to be ready for people in that town to take exception with your assessment.

And then, to basically laugh about the performance of the team and say, “if we keep playing like this, we’ll be drawing as many people as the Devil Rays” — again, that probably won’t sit well with the folks who fork out $45 a game to sit in the lower box seats and watch you go 1-4 and see the team lose their 6th in a row at home. Just a feeling I have … but not many people here are laughing about how poorly the team has played in recent years.

The content of the show and the hour or so interview deals mainly with drinking, partying, making a lot of money and playing baseball (oh, there’s another part of the show that deals with “playing with something else” — if you know what I mean … but that’s not for me to elaborate on here.)

Rather than act surprised that people up here in Baltimore are upset, don’t you think Huff would merely say, “I’m sorry”?

Furthermore, how many of you out there think the Orioles have contacted Huff to discuss his viewpoint on the city? Here’s my guess. THEY HAVEN’T. Do you know how I can say that? Easy. The story was out all day yesterday and 24 hours later, Huff made contact with someone at The Sun. No apology.  No mea culpa. That tells me the O’s weren’t able to convince him an apology was necessary, or, they just didn’t bother trying to reach out to him.

I’d like to know the answer to that, but the Orioles Communications Department doesn’t respond to my inquiries.

Interestingly, as the days go on and we talk about this at WNST, our detractors will somehow try and make US out to be the bad guys.  I haven’t talked about the Orioles in about a month. Primarily, there’s been no reason to. So, with the Ravens involved in their own self-created downturn, I certainly am not at a loss for things to talk or blog about. I didn’t go DIGGING for the Aubrey Huff story. He said it.

By the way, how funny is it that Huff will go on a Tampa radio station and talk about baseball for the better part of 75 minutes but the Orioles won’t let him go on any radio station in town — except for their flagship affiliate — and talk about the baseball team in Baltimore?

Not very funny, I agree.

So, while we talk to our legal people to see what we are going to do with the audio and video clips, rest assured we’ve all heard the interview (at WNST) and are well-qualified to talk/blog about it.