5 W’s about the Ravens & O’s

August 05, 2009 |

Who will win the place kicking job for the Ravens? The battle between Graham Gano and Steve Hauschka to replace Matt Stover is one of the most important of training camp. Stover had been the Ravens’ most consistent offensive threat. It’s early, but Gano seems to have the early lead. He has been more accurate kicking field goals and has had deeper kickoffs. We’ll have to see how they do when the bright lights come on in a game. We cannot afford the luxury of carrying 2 kickers any longer. Whoever wins the battle must provide the Ravens better distance on field goals and kickoffs without giving up too much accuracy. May the best kicker win!

What free agent pitcher will the Orioles’ sign in 2010 to help mentor the baby birds? I had hoped Jeremy Guthrie would be able to fill this role next year for the Orioles but I don’t think he will be with us next season. The O’s rotation of the future is taking shape now and will need a veteran presence ala Rick Sutcliffe to help teach our young staff. Sutcliffe was signed in 1992 to help teach the Ben McDonald, Arthur Rhodes, Jose Mesa, and Mike Mussina how to prepare, pitch, and win. Bertgesen, Hernandez, Tillman, and Matusz should have a veteran starter to lean on and learn from.

Next year, the Orioles are going to have to overpay a good pitcher to come to the team. If we are going to overpay, why not get a HOFer like Tom Glavine to mentor the staff for a season or two like Sutcliffe. I’m not sure he would be willing to come to Baltimore, but he is the type of leader the staff will need. His 2 Cy Young Awards and 305 career victories would command respect of our young starters. He has been through this type of rebuilding project with the Braves. He has experienced the lows of a hot prospect who lost 17 games his first full season in the bigs and survived to become a consistent winner. He could help our young starters keep their confidence and survive their early career struggles.

I know the Orioles need to sign a veteran to mentor and guide our young starters. I cannot think of anyone who is or will be available, that would be better for the job than Tom Glavine. The Orioles need Tom Glavine for 2010 and should be talking to him now!!!

Where will Michael Vick land? Rumors have him headed to the Packers, Patriots, or Redskins. I don’t see him as a starting QB this year. He has missed 2 years of football and won’t have much time to get ready. Mark Clayton has injured his hamstring. Hamstrings are hard to treat and tend to linger. The Ravens may be looking for another WR soon. Vick would look nice in a purple jersey lining up at WR and occasionally at RB. I don’t think Ozzie has any interest but it’s nice to dream about it.

Why am I the most gullible writer in this blogishsphere? Because I believed Super Joe “The Riffleman” when he held up the clay pigeon and said he had been training like this for years. I had never heard of it & thought maybe he was that good. O well, I can laugh at my naivete as long as the Riffleman gets the Ravens to the Super Bowl!