5 W’s and a Father’s Day Wish

June 20, 2009 |

Before I head to Philly today I wanted to get a post in now that my suspension is over.


I wanted to respond to some comments about “Are you on the O’s Bandwagon.” Andrew & Glen, I meant people are jumping on and off and back on again and then off again. Sweet Pete is finally doing what we have asked. He is letting the baseball people run the operation. We all have complained we wanted the team to get younger and we are finally getting some young homegrown talent. The team is starting to show signs of a solid foundation. Now is not the time to run away when there is hope.


Who will have a bigger impact as a rookie, Matt Wieters or Nolan Reimold?

Wieters, because he is involved with every pitch and play on defense. Both have looked great for the O’s though.


What is the best sports gift you have received as a father?

The O’s jersey I’m getting on Sunday. I’m not sure who it is but the kids helped my wife pick it out. Sorry hon, I saw it in your car.


What is the best sports gift you have given your father?

Season tickets to the Ravens; I took my Dad to the every Ravens’ game the first year. I’m not sure who was more excited.


Where will Tiger Woods be in the field before making his charge on Sunday & Monday?

I’m not sure Tiger can make up 10 shots in 2 rounds but I’m not going to miss it if he does!


When will the Orioles start trading away some veterans to stockpile more young talent?

My guess is we will make at least two trades between July 15 and the trade deadline. Sherrill & Scott will probably be the first two to go.


Why haven’t we heard more about Len Bias the Movie premiering June 24th?

This is one I cannot miss. I was at MD when Lenny died. I lived in the same building in New Leonardtown before the BBall team moved to Washington Hall. From our short conversations around the building and community center, a nicer person you will never meet.  For all of the joy he brought Terps fans, his death set the athletic programs back 10 years.


Why haven’t other athletes learned from his mistake?


Dad thanks for all of your love, support, and guidance! Happy Father’s day Pop.


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. Wishing you have a great one!