50 words …. Maryland’s GREATEST Scholar Sports Program

June 01, 2011 |

I will occasionally seize moments to write blogs tailored after topics or subjects covered during the MORNING REACTION. Hey, I have been a devout listener of the program for seven years – although, I’m still not in its Hall Of Fame.

Admittedly, Drew and Glenn conceive original, thought provoking themes that create debate and conjecture. Whether it’s the Tuesday Top-7, Cheap Shots From The Bleachers or the Airing Of The Grievances, I’m consistently inspired to contribute a thought or three …..

Today, I’m simply compiling a consensus of my thoughts regarding their recent topics, into one blog. Opinionated? Yes. Personally tainted? Of course. Inaccurate? Well, that’s just laughable.

Perhaps, you will agree with me. Then again, maybe you won’t see my vision. And, if that’s the case …. dude, you’re just wrong !!!!
An “EXPERT” Would Know This

When it comes to knowing the Baltimore-area sports scene, I’m growing increasingly weary of hearing the same scholastic programs mentioned in the context of tradition, heritage and storied existence.

Calvert Hall, Loyola, Dunbar, North Harford (just kidding), Coppin, Morgan and a few other programs get way too much exposure, in my humble opinion …..

Perhaps, it’s my love for the county that sits just south of Baltimore. Yeah, that’s right …. the same county where the STATE CAPITAL is located. And, it’s also home of Maryland’s most prolific and accomplished scholar sports program.

It’s my honor to present the ARUNDEL HIGH SCHOOL baseball program. Since 1974, the Wildcats have achieved a 706-260 record, and a record TEN STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS. And, they’ve accomplished such an impressive resume’ while excelling among heralded Class 4A competition.
If You Wanna Get Dirty

When I think of “Dirty Players” throughout the history of our sports landscape, one name always pops right up: Bill Romanowski …..

He was beyond being the customary spitter, trash talker or spirited soul who couldn’t “turn it off” with the sound of a whistle. He kicked and stepped upon downed players, jacked the jaw of an unsuspecting teammate and seized countless opportunities to exploit indefensible opponents.

Oh yeah, and he was a steroids user – which probably contributed to his many of manic-like actions on and off the field. Bill Romanowski defines dirty, period.
In The Bag

I hate to be the guy who rips open a horrendous wound, especially as its been healing for nearly five months …..

But, you’ve gotta admit 99.9% of our purple kool-aid drinkin’ population was dancing like John Travolta on a disco floor during halftime of the Ravens/Steelers playoff game, back in January.

Come on, just admit it …. you were enjoying a personal moment of halftime celebrations, as the scoreboard revealed a lopsided 21-7 lead for the hometown team.

Then, the 3rd and 4th quarters happened. Fumbles, interceptions and stupid penalties emerged at the wrong possible junctures of the game. Alas, we know how the story ended.

Yep, it was a COLLAPSE we will never, ever forget.

I’ll chat with today at 2pm …. and I’ll be tuned into the best morning sports show, again, tomorrow. God knows they’ll say something that gets my emotions running.