50 words or less …. are you buying on Nolan Reimold?

May 27, 2011 |

Well, they did it. Just as plenty of Baltimore’s so-called faithful sports followers began writing off the birds, they have dug themselves out of another hole …..

In an ironic way, this has been the story of the 2011 Orioles, in a glimpse.

They’ve overcome losing streaks, injuries, bad luck and embarrassment in the span of just two short months …..

A week ago, tonight, this Orioles team suffered a humiliating 17-5 beating, courtesy of the Nationals. That loss came in succession to a sweep by the Yankees and a blown 6-run lead and loss, in Boston.

A substantial collection of Orioles fans believed the rebirth of “Buck-imore” baseball was headed in the same direction as every edition of the last 14 years. Ye of little faith !!!! The birds have rattled off 5 consecutive wins and stand at 24-24, as they make their first trip to the west coast.

Is there a message to my rant? Yep …. it’s a long season. Relax …..

Here’s today’s version of “50 words or less …..”
A Bad Thing ???

When Nolan Reimold hit his first homerun, yesterday, I wasn’t shocked. We have witnessed hundreds of situations where a recently recalled or promoted player coaxes a ball into the bleachers on adrenalin, alone.

But, when he hit #2 on the day, I instantly said to myself, “here we go”. The calls and pleas for slotting Reimold into the starting lineup, based on a few days production and one game’s dominance, are bound to surface.

Don’t kid yourselves …..

Players don’t fail and languish at Triple-A, only to finally find their way at the Major League level. It doesn’t happen. You can believe in the Nolan Reimold of the last 6 days. I will choose not to forget the same player of the past year …. for better or worse.

I hope my assessment is wrong. I want Nolan Reimold to succeed in an Orioles uniform. But, I have serious doubts …..
Living Here In Allen-Town


Well, I can proudly claim THE HANGOVER – PART 2 among the movies I’ve enjoyed in my life. I dragged my wife to last night’s premiere and we enjoyed every second of it.

Funny? Hell yeah. Better than the original? Nah …. but who cares?

While the storyline follows the same general premise, there are several innovatively hilarious moments. And, to quote Allen, “my Uncle Roger once saw an albino polar bear” …..

A word of caution or warning …. don’t take your kids. I saw several kids who haven’t reached their teens. Why would a parent do this? Leave ‘em home …..
Where’s A Bull When You Need One ???

When I awaken each morning, I commonly find my way to Twitter as a means of catching up on things that happened overnight. This morning, my scan of tweets uncovered the following from Chad Ochocinco, at about 6am:

“I parked in the red by inches and they tow Big Bertha, either they give me my car or Navy Seal Team 6 coming to get it for me.”

Nope, it’s not groundbreaking news. But, the mental picture of Chad swaggering out of a nightclub to find his sled towed just cracks me up. Like the title says, maybe he can ride one of those bulls he’s been wrangling …..
A Stupid Rule

As with rest of our culture, it seems like controversial incidents in sporting events serve as the impetus for rule changes. Thus, I’m not surprised to see such fallout following the injury to Buster Posey, on Wednesday night.

Many of us recall the ultimate injury when it comes to a catcher being barreled over in a homeplate collision. Ray Fosse vs. Pete Rose, right?

Should Major League Baseball work with the Players Association to develop new rules to protect a STATIONARY catcher, as a locomotive runner approaches in fullback mode? Yeah, I think its time …..
One Simple Request

The unofficial start to summer is just hours away. And, over the next few days, many of us will seize moments to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with friends and family.

When you have a free moment, please give pause to remember the family of Maryland State Trooper, Shaft Hunter, who will be laid to rest today at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.

Trooper Hunter was killed in the line of duty, last Saturday. He is survived by his family, including six children.


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