50 words or less …. Ray Lewis is right about crime

May 23, 2011 |

So, I’m starting this blog on Sunday evening, enroute to a Monday morning delivery for your consumption. Did anything happen over the weekend? Did gloom and doom accompany Kegasus’ arrival at Pimlico?

Indeed, a few distinct things impacted Baltimore during the last 72 hours. Here’s a Readers Digest view:

The Orioles were handed their heads on Friday night, but bounced back to beat a bad Nationals team in the final two games of this irrelevant “Beltway Series.”

Shackleford is a Preakness champion and his trainer, Dale Romans is undoubtedly grateful Saturday’s big race wasn’t on the longer confines of Belmont Park.

And ….

For better or worse, Ray Lewis will be finding himself in a rare compromising position with NFL stakeholders and media, regarding comments he made during a weekend interview with the World Wide Leader.

I give you the Monday edition of “50 Words Or less ….”
Is Nestor Getting Nervous?

Jump in the wayback machine to Tuesday, May 11th, for just a moment. During that day’s edition of the AFTERNOON DRIVE, Nestor popped in-studio for a couple moments and by the time he departed, we agreed to wager based on the Orioles/Cardinals series, in June.

If the series’ attendance is 75,000+ over three games, Nestor will owe me and Ryan dinner at Crush Restaurant. And, if the attendance is lower, I’ll spring for our grub.

Do, I feel optimistic? Well, I had some doubts …. but I still think nice crowds will be drawn to see Albert Pujols make his first-ever trip to Camden Yards. And, as evidenced by this past weekend’s numbers for the Nationals series, I’m a little more inspired.

The total for 3 days of baseball against a bad local team? 91,175 …..
Say What ???

Ray Lewis has maintained a public persona as stealth as the likes of Cal Ripken Jr. and Peyton Manning when it comes to conveying a bland, but stellar image over this last decade. Aside from tormenting opponents, he has established himself as the public face of the Baltimore Ravens and he participates in numerous charitable initiatives.

Over the past 10 years, Ray has taken countless routes of the high road, as he’s rebuilt and forged an image that’s bound to carry him beyond the football field. But, with an interview that aired over the weekend on ESPN, he appeared to stray from his norm of avoiding controversy.

Or did he?

In the interview, which is based on NFL labor strife, Ray made some questionable comments about a perceived correlation between a CANCELED NFL SEASON and CRIME. In a portion of the exchange, he suggested crime will increase without a season, because “there’s nothing to do.”

Don’t make the mistake of simply reading the print version of the conversation.  WATCH THE INTERVIEW.  He was not referring to players committing crimes to coincide with a lost season.  His reference was toward the very people he’s trying to help – who have no professional tie to the National Football League.

In blunt honesty, he’s probably right. Without football, I will assume those who find trouble as a means to doing something “constructive” when their favorite teams aren’t playing …. well, they’ll find trouble.

And, while he’s likely right, we know the predicted and forecasted behavior is not RIGHT. Thus, I’m assuming Ray would like to have a “do over” on the interview. From a national perspective, he’s gonna get crushed for the comments, fair or not.

Here’s the interview: RAY LEWIS SPEAKS
It’s Shackleford By A …..

All is well that ends well, right? I’m certain such words would’ve been met with less than a receptive reaction by anyone affiliated with Animal Kingdom following Saturday’s loss in the Preakness.

Trust me, I had every reason to hope Animal Kingdom won that race, and if it was just a little further distance, perhaps, it would’ve happened. But, Pimlico is the shortest of the three Triple Crown tracks and Shackleford was the first to cross the finish line, albeit by less than a length.

Of course, we all know what this means, huh? Yep, for the third consecutive year, Belmont will simply stand as a backdrop of irrelevance, while absent the intrigue of the possible coronation of a Triple Crown champion for the first time, since 1978.
Paranoid Predictions Find Failure

I have a simple message for the wackos who forecasted an abrupt end of the world, and the Baltimore-lovin’ purists who envisioned the character, Kegasus, as a cross between breeds of Larry Flynt and Bad, Bad Leroy Brown …..


The weekend ended with oceans, continents and its living souls unscathed, and ironically, the same thing can be said for the Preakness infield and its inhabitants.

Horses went unpunched. Urinals remained upright and used for the purpose. The ‘ole shotputted beer became a little more distant in memory. And, nobody died.

Heed the lesson my friends ….

“A very small portion of any respective population is generally responsible for an overwhelming abundance of that group’s problems”

So, as another week begins, I’m just glad our world still exists (my birthday is just 8 days away) and to be proven correct in my assessment of the Kegasus’ marketing appeal. It was a grand success.

Believe me, the Baltimore Police Department was confident that Saturday’s infield event would be a peaceful, orderly semblance of partiers.  Did isolated incidents of misconduct occur.  No doubt …. but those who were arrested were FEW in numbers, and they were responsible for MOST of any problems.

Got it?

I will talk with you at 2pm …. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY.