I Had a Blast

April 10, 2009 |

Thank you, Nestor and the WNST staff, for the opportunity of a lifetime. I always wanted to see and experience how life is behind the mic. Special thanks go to y’all, the fans. Thank you for listening to me. I know that Baltimore doesn’t have a NBA team, but I knew that there were major hoops fans under the sound of my voice today. I just wanted to bring something different to the table because I cover a NBA team, the Washington Wizards, and I talk to the players and coaches of other teams. I love my Baltimore teams, especially the Ravens. I will never claim to know everything about sports, but don’t get it twisted, I know my stuff.

I have in no way the experience and sport knowledge of Nestor, but I have some. Throughout this competition, I will give you my honest opinions on issues with facts. I love sports and it’s almost my life, until I work in it full-time. I truly was not nervous because I always talk about sports and as far as I’m concerned, it was like talking to a friend. Doing radio IS NOT EASY by any means. I always respect the job of the radio talk show host and now, a lot more. I did not receive any calls, but growing in east Baltimore, I’m sure I would have been ready if I did.

Every couple of days, I will have an article posted. (Bear with me if I miss a day because I still work a full-time job, go to school full-time, happily married, and I have three boys). Trust me, you will find them enjoyable and informative.