A Bad Day For Chris & Christopher …

May 14, 2007 | WNST Interns

It’s only May 14th and three losses can be squarely pinned on Chris Ray’s shoulders. Regardless of Sam Perlozzo’s moves …. pulling Jeremy Guthrie or not, this was Chris Ray’s loss. Do I think Perlozzo should have given Guthrie the hook? No. And, I would like to know if Leo Mazzone endorsed this and a few other moves we’ve seen during the course of this young season.

But, as I said, this loss truly belongs to Chris Ray. He had the ability to save his manager’s shirt and nail down the win, albeit a bizarre one, with a simple catch of the ball. Then again, he shouldn’t have been in such a sticky situation, anyway. He really made this entire mountain of a mess on his own.

Look at it this way …. at least he didn’t give up a walkoff, grand slam homerun. Of course that’s a silly statement, but that’s the crux of my feelings regarding this team. Start looking for moral keys to the makeup of this team, because losses like this traditionally envelope into a state of total dysfunction.

Can they, as a team, recover from blowing a commanding lead in the 9th inning? This is a legitimate question. Imagine being in the private company of Miguel Tejada, this morning. For the past couple years, we’ve questioned Tejada’s emotional capacity when it comes to absorbing losses. He must be resigned to the eventual destiny of this team …. just look at his overall effort, six weeks into the season.

In the end, this was Chris Ray’s fault. Absent of Michael Imperioli’s (Christopher Moltisanti – Sopranos) performance, last night, Chris Ray would have certainly taken the honors for “choking” on Mother’s Day. So, this is what we’re left with …. I was more shocked by an episode of a television show, than the bird’s blowing a 5-run lead in the 9th inning.

What the heck, fire Perlozzo and hire James Gandolfini …. at least they’d be scared to lose.