A Baltimore sports fan’s New Year’s wish

December 31, 2011 | Paul Hoke

We sit here tonight, December 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve, awaiting the start of the new year at midnight.  As a Baltimore sports fan, I have a special wish for the upcoming year.  It’s a wish that I’m sure is shared by most Baltimore sports fans.  A wish that would put right what once went wrong.  A wish, that needs to be answered, for Baltimore summers to matter again.

My New Year’s wish is that my beloved Baltimore Orioles, the team of my childhood, be fixed, and become something this city can be proud of.  I’m not asking for the World Series every year.  Hell, I’m not even asking for the playoffs.  All I want is for this team to become relevant.  For this team to matter.  For me not to say, “I’m sorry” when I tell people that I’m an Orioles’ fan.  And it goes beyond the play on the field.  It goes beyond the Triple A talent that they fill the roster with year in and year out.  It starts with the front office.  It starts with the idiots who constantly wanna fight with the fans, and gouge the fans during a bad economy.  It starts at the top.

It starts with the midget in the owner’s chair.

I’m officially calling out Peter Angelos.  Look, I believe that the Orioles, though they would never admit it, not only listen to WNST, but read what is written on the website.  There’s an old adage that says “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”  I completely believe that the Orioles buy into that.  They’re a paranoid bunch of bullies.  They bully the media.  They bully the fans.  They even bully their own employees inside the warehouse.  It’s what they have become under the failed ownership of Peter Angelos.  And that’s my wish…

…that Peter Angelos sells the Orioles.

Will it happen?  Probably not.  Should it happen??  Yes, 10-12 years ago.  But I know in my heart of hearts that until Angelos sells this team, the Orioles will be the same embarrassment they have been since 1998.  My son was born in April of 2000.  I watched Cal Ripken’s 3,000th hit in a GBMC hospital room holding my 2 day old son.  Pointing his face towards the TV.  Now, he’s 11.  He will be 12 in April.  And nothing has changed.  If anything, it has gotten worse.  The team that I have loved and cheered for for over 30 years, that once was THE model franchise in all of baseball, is now considered one of the worst franchises in all of sports.  And it shows no signs of getting any better anytime soon.

Dan Duquette is a puppet.  A failure who hasn’t even finished his first offseason as GM.  The crap that has come out of his mouth since taking over makes Andy MacPhail look like Brian Cashman.  In short, I think things are about to get a lot worse.  This guy has not only been out of baseball for 10 years, but seems to have NO clue about how to run a baseball team in the 2010’s.  You have to spend money.  Period.  We have an owner who doesn’t want to spend money.  Period.

But I make my wish nonetheless.  My wish is that the old man either sells the team or simply steps aside.  That he realizes what a terrible owner he is, how little he knows about baseball, and how he may be a great attorney, but he knows ZERO about running a professional sports franchise.  That’s my wish.  And what happens after that is that my beloved Orioles become respectable again.  They matter again.  That we look forward to an upcoming season the way we do when the Baltimore Ravens inch closer to kicking off another season.  That April, looks more like September, and when the Ravens do start playing, or enter training camp for that matter, we’re still watching the Orioles.

That’s what I wish for this New Year as a Baltimore sports fan.

Go Ravens!!!!!!!