A Beautiful Monday – With Mycheal Miller, Ray Bachmann, Mike Preston, Bruce Laird & Josh Hall ….

September 14, 2009 |

Every Monday will bring about the challenge of creating an innovative and thought provoking message ….

You’re being swamped with “Call Stover” ….. “Call Rex Ryan” ….. “Call Lorenzo Neal” & “Call Kyle Boller” blogs, right? Okay, let’s not go that far ……

But, you know what I mean !!!!

How often can yesterday’s performance be swallowed, digested and regurgitated – over the course of the next couple days? It’s gonna happen and we all know it. Thus, I’m hoping to provide a more original message, while not losing sight of the magic revolving around a fresh new football season.

Here are a few of my observations from gameday, as well as the morning after …..

My first recollection regards yesterday’s SUNDAY MORNING BLITZ. We were wrong, and that goes for the staff, guests and callers. All of us predicted a beatdown of great magnitude.

I only spoke with ONE cautious dissenter, over the span of 7 days. This morning, I’ll tip my cap to Ray Bachmann. He called it. He thought the Ravens would win – but, in regard to the Chiefs, he said, “they’ll hang around.” He reasoned “this is the NFL.”

Ray was right.

You watched the game – I watched the game – nearly everyone watched the game. We can break it down in virtually every possible way. But, in truth, when December rolls around, September 13th will be in the WIN column. Period …..

At this point, attention turns to the West Coast and the San Diego Chargers. If San Diego lays an egg against Oakland, tonight, will the Ravens look that much better? Or, will the same Chargers team featuring LaDanian Tomlinson, Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates be looked at as a lethal dose of OFFENSE?

Honestly, I think the first few weeks of the NFL season are a “wash.” Teams haven’t exhibited enough consistent vulnerabilities for opponents to exploit. It’s too early to suggest each team that played poorly in Week #1 will continue with the same habits in following weeks.

History says so ……

And, history doesn’t lie. A team or two that played poorly, this week, will be playing football in mid-January. Bet on it.

The Ravens didn’t play poorly. But, they didn’t wipe their feet with the pulverized carcasses of the Kansas City Chiefs, either. Relax – its one week, and the Ravens are tied for 1st place, with a 1-0 record.

Aside from the game, I’ve made a few more observations ……

The Orioles Succeed Where The Ravens FAIL …..

Yep, I said it. And, trust me it’s a very hollow and meaningless victory for the O’s brass. It regards something off the field. It specifically involves pre-game entertainment. Amazed?

Each game, the Orioles offer a different rendition and performance of the National Anthem. Think about it – virtually every genre’ and demographic representation of musician are covered.

From children to adults, amateurs to Grammy award winners and everything in between, you can count on the Orioles providing an original sampling of the Star Spangled Banner, whenever the gates open.

Not the Ravens.

Before EVERY Ravens home game, Mycheal Miller, struts to the microphone and does a GREAT JOB performing the National Anthem. No argument, the rendition is nearly flawless.

But, please give someone else a shot. It’s called VARIETY. How can this happen? Does Steve Bisciotti love some “Double M” on gameday? Maybe, Mr. Miller has a really rich uncle who likes seeing him perform?

Hey, something’s going on …..

Get Mike Preston A Gardening Guide …..

I was lumbering through a lazy Monday morning, and I wanted something mundane to lullaby me back into a coma. I’ve watched nearly every Bob Ross painting episode – you know ….. the white dude, with a huge Afro. It’s classic “Bedtime @ 2pm” stuff …..

Without the painting show, I tuned into “Monday Morning Quarterback,” on MASN. It features Tom Davis, Bruce Laird and Mike Preston. The webcam is beautiful – Tom Davis was dressed like Johnny Cash, albeit a BIG Johnny Cash.

But, it was really Preston and Laird who stole the show …..

The topic of players “slipping” on the field surface came up and Mike Preston coyly suspected the slick conditions could be attributed to how recently “they watered the field.”

Hey Mike, it’s an ARTIFICIAL SURFACE. It’s comprised of ground-up tires. Perhaps, we should see if the tires used in the process were “radials?” Yep, I’m here all week …..

Bruce Laird’s Math …. 2 + 2 = 5 …..

When asked about the overall quality of play, Laired reasoned “more teams LOSE, than WIN” on a weekly basis. Huh?

Mike Preston’s “Humble” Approach …..

Johnny Cash, umm I mean Tom Davis, asked Mike Preston about his “Report Card” that appears in The Sun, on Monday mornings. Without hesitation, Mike confided it’s the “most read” article by Ravens players. They’re eager to know what GRADE they’ve earned.

I harbor absolutely no doubt that Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice crawled outta bed this morning to find out if they’re on Mike Preston’s “Honor Roll.” That’s funny – I thought these guys were motivated by winning and money.

Josh Hall is a STAR …..

I’ll finish this off by tipping my cap to SUNDAY MORNING BLITZ producer, Josh Hall. Yesterday, we debuted a new segment “Josh versus …..” and the boy-wonder went 4-1 against the spread.

Way to go, Josh ……