A Bunch of Lollygaggers…

April 20, 2010 | John West

To review………

Chris Tillman and Brad Bergeson were going to be our number 4 and 5 pitchers this year.  They were going to form the cornerstone of our young, talented starting pitching rotation for years to come.  Next year, with Millwood and potentially Guthrie gone, they would get promoted up in the rotation and be rocks that the new, younger guns could rely on and learn from.

Chris Tillman didn’t make the major league roster and is getting shelled in Norfolk.  Brad Bergeson hurt himself filming a commercial, has had 3 starts, each one more disastrous than the other.  He was just demoted to Norfolk and could find himself on the DL real soon.

Felix Pie played the last two months of the season last year like he figured it all out. He was playing decent defense, he had learned some plate discipline, and was hitting the ball all over the place.  He was our opening day left fielder.

Felix had returned to his old ways at the plate and just threw his arm onto the 3 month DL.

Koji is not worth mentioning anymore, except the Orioles will clear $5 million off their roster next year and can replace that with Albert Castillo.

Adam Jones and Nick Markakis do not look like cornerstones of a franchise.  Linchpin players to build an organization around.  They look disinterested, bored, sleepwalking, lollygagging outfielders who have had enough losing.  Fella’s, ask Brian Roberts if money makes it feel better.

As a fan, which I am, I am watching this team like Adam and Nick are playing it, tired and had enough already.