A Christmas wish list

December 23, 2007 | Keith Melchior

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. I know it’s late notice, but as a long time sports fan, I am writing to ask you for some very special gifts this year. I know you may not be able to deliver everything, but as many as you can fit in your sleigh would be appreciated.

Stability and consistently good play by a Ravens’ starting quarterback

No more drug scandals in sports

A winning season for the Orioles

A Ravens 1st round draft pick that doesn’t hold out and makes an immediate impact

No more Chad Johnson idiotic end zone celebrations

A power hitting 1st baseman and outfielder for Orioles

No more Yankees/Red Sox rivalry hype all season

Less Chris Berman on ESPN and Shannon Sharpe on CBS

FULL TIME NFL officials and consistency throughout every crew.

An injury-free 2008 for the Ravens

And, most importantly, a happy holiday season for all!!