A day of conflict for us all to enjoy

May 01, 2009 |

So let’s go down the list of sporting events we have to look forward to on throughout Saturday. There’s:

  • Game 1 of Penguins & Capitals
  • The Kentucky Derby
  • Game 7 of Bulls & Celtics (again, I love game 7)
  • A Jr. welterweight title fight
  • The third round of Quail Hollow

And oh yeah, the Orioles are playing the Blue Jays. But look at that stacked list and tell me you’re not more keen on playoff basketball, playoff hockey or one of the greatest sporting traditions of our society as opposed to watching the O’s lose at the bottom of the ninth (forgive my bitterness… it just gets frustrating after a while).

But at the core of these events is a conflict of some sorts. Rivalries that in their own way transcend the sport and ingrain themselves in the culture. I don’t know if people will remember Ovechkin vs. Crosby  and Woods vs. Mickelson the same way they remember Byrd vs. Johnson or Palmer vs. Nicklaus, but the tension and excitement that tomorrow may and hopefully will bring truly is a beautiful thing.