A Difference Between The Ravens & Jets? Discipline.

September 14, 2010 |

Well, we’re nearly 12 hours removed from last night’s big showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets. Neither team really showcased a dominating performance, but the Ravens held on for the 10-9 victory.

A win is a win, right?

Heck, just ask our archrivals up in Western Pennsylvania.

Trust me, Rex Ryan and his crew would’ve loved to be on the positive side of last night’s one point difference. But, they’re not and a primary reason is a true lack of discipline. Of course, in the context of a sports-related conversation, the word DISCIPLINE is going to have a few distinctly different inspirations.

Antonio Cromartie and Kyle Wilson lacked DISCIPLINE in their pass coverage assignments.

Mark Sanchez lacked DISCIPLINE in going thru his progressions and keeping poised.

Dustin Keller lacked DISCIPLINE in recognizing field position at the most crucial juncture of the game.

Brian Schottenheimer lacked DISCIPLINE in formulating a gameplan to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Rex Ryan lacked DISCIPLINE in holding his team accountable for 60 minutes.

And, the entire New York Jets team exhibited an overall LACK OF DISCIPLINE that has dominated their training camp and preseason.

Sometimes, incidental events mushroom into catastrophic circumstances, because of disciplinary breakdowns. And, that’s exactly what happened to “Gang Green”, last night. They played very much like a GANG, with no clear unifying cause or determination.

That’s the biggest character-related difference between the two franchises. One team is commanded by a coach who will grab a player by the jersey and admonish him for behaving like a clown – even on a touchdown. The other team is led by a coach who subscribes to bullying tactics and bragging about supposed supremacy.

It is what it is. And, DISCIPLINE wins football games.