A frosty World Series on tap

October 20, 2009 |

With each passing inning it looks more and more like we’ll have a Yankees/Phillies World Series. Dust off those skulls caps. Some the late night, made for TV games could be downright frigid.

There’s no bigger MFY hater than your’s truly and I’ve been pulling for the Angels in this ALCS, but it just doesn’t look like they’re going to pull this out. The Angels have been unable to muster any kind of consistent offensive attack in the ALCS. Leadoff man Chone Figgins has been largely ineffective and the Angels lack the Yankees thump and threat of the long ball. Yankee Manager Joe Girardi came under fire for his game 3 bullpen management, but no one should second guess his decision to start C.C. Sabathia on 3 days rest. Sabathia is dealing tonight and the Angels have really failed to make him work. I’m holding out hope for the Angels, but as I type they are only 6 outs from being down 3 games to 1.

Turning to the National League I must admit I’m now rooting for the Phillies. I live in PA and have some friends who are Phillies fans, but my reasons for backing the Phils are purely selfish. I don’t think the Dodgers can beat the Yankees. The Dodgers top 3 starters through this Postseason have been Randy Wolf, 21 year old Clayton Kershaw, and Rangers castoff Vincente Padilla. The Yankees would eat that threesome alive. The Phillies are the best bet to down the Yanks. Philadelphia has the offense to battle the Yankees and the starters to match up against Sabathia, Burnett and Pettite. Just imagine Game 1, 4 and 7 matchups between former Cleveland teammates Cliff Lee and Sabathia. It would make for great theater assuming two things; 1. a major snow storm doesn’t postpone the series for a week, and 2. You’re not an Indians fan.