A grand-slam edition of Monday’s “Ask Drew”

June 08, 2009 | Drew Forrester

In honor of Roger Federer’s win at Roland Garros, I thought we’d make today’s edition of “Ask Drew” one of the four “majors” in internet blogging.

You know how that works, right?  The majors are more important than just the regular blogging events.  They’re worth more, historically, and everyone pays more attention to them while they’re actually happening.

So, pay more attention to today’s edition of “Ask Drew” than you typically would.

This one’s important.

Ask me anything you want and I’ll answer it.  Well, perhaps I will.  I always reserve the right to not answer Scott’s your question if it’s dumb or not on point. 

And you can’t ask me whether or not Tiger Woods is the best golfer in history.  Obviously, he is.  Don’t ask a dumb question like that and you’ll be ushered through to the front of the line.

I have a busy Monday.  I’m heading over to Woodmont CC in Rockville to watch the U.S. Open qualifier, so if I don’t get to your question until later today, don’t shoot me a “WTF?” e-mail about how I’m ignoring your question.

All questions will be answered today.

Unless I decide to ignore your question.

Ask a good question and you won’t get ignored.

Happy Monday.

Make that:  Happy Monday!

And finally, one of you will win a free oil change from All Tune and Lube on Reisterstown Rd. just for asking a question.  You don’t have to do anything except ask a question (that gets answered…the only ground rule).  Everyone who gets a question answered will be entered in a random drawing (Tuesday morning at 8am…on the air) for a free oil change.  Can’t beat that anywhere, including Paris, France.