A great big “thank you” to my orange feathered friend

July 26, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’ll take the credit, but only long enough to pass it on to my “bird in a tree” at OPACY.

I only reported what I was told two weeks ago — that Chris Tillman would be coming up during the Kansas City series to make his major league debut.  A few folks in town scoffed at the news — can someone get them a wet paper towel to wipe that egg off their face?  It’s very unbecoming.

Two weeks ago, my baseball eyes and ears said, “Pssst…Tillman’s coming up in the KC series.”  And I went with it, because my orange feathered friend has been spot on all season with his scoops and such.  

What do I get for being the first guy in town to call the Tillman call-up for the KC series?  And please, please don’t tell me a chinese lunch.

Ah, forget it, I don’t want anything. I was just doing my job.

Thanks again to my bird-in-a-tree.  

You’ve been there for me all year, reliable as hell.

If only you could pitch.  Or play first base and hit for average.

No worries – you can play on my team any day.

Thanks for making me look good, my friend.

I owe it all to you.