A Great Cause

May 21, 2008 |

Tonight, my family and I are headed to Mt. Washington Tavern to eat dinner and contribute to a great cause. Maybe I’m just prejudice. I know a thing or two about this cause because it touches my family.

Tonight, from 6pm-2am, portions of everything that’s purchased at Mt. Washington Tavern will go to help Autism Speaks. Heidi Shoemaker heads this event and she will be on hand.

So, why won’t you join my family and I at Mt. Washington Tavern, located at 5700 Newbury St. Call them at 410-367-6903 for directions.

This night will go a long way toward research. Autism effects many people. At our small radio station, both Casey Willet and I have children with Autism. Join the Long Family tonight at Mt. Washington Tavern for dinner and sports. I look forward to seeing you there.