A Memo to Dave Trembley

April 13, 2009 |

Simply put, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! I would like to know when it has become acceptable for any Major League team to not put the absolute best team possible on the field every day for 162 games. I know I may be a little behind on this topic, but yesterday Cesar Izturis was on the bench for a day off. This guy is the best defensive player on the team and has already made significant contributions offensively. Izturis was apparently getting a day of rest with it being a day game after a night game.

This might have been acceptable if the Orioles had an adequate replacement. This kind of stuff seems to happen a lot with the Birds. It was the sixth game of the season, no world class athlete should need a day to rest the sixth game of the season especially in baseball.  It makes me long for the days of Cal Ripken Jr. even more than I did before yesterday. It’s a tremendous disservice to the fans and other players to accept anything other than the best. After years of suffering, it would be nice to see the team try to win as many games as possible, especially early on while they have been on a roll.   Trembley should be sending his best players out there day after day unless they are hurt, there are plenty of off days throughout the season.  You could say that Trembley wanted to get Robert Andino some at bats, that’s fine, but don’t do that at the expense of the team when your going for a sweep of the defending American League Champs.  Things like this are exactly why the Orioles have been the laughing stock of the big leagues for the past eleven seasons.