A Monday edition of ’19 points’…

January 14, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Another installment of 19 points to ponder.  Read, absorb and enjoy.  Have a great week!

1.  I lost the grievance/complaint that I filed with Major League Baseball against the Orioles Communications Department.  After hearing and reading my “testimony” and my examples – about 20 of them – of how the club has treated me unprofessionally over the last 10 months, you know what MLB ruled?  “It’s a local matter that needs to be addressed and resolved by you and the club.”  Wow.  It must be nice to not have ANYONE who can monitor you and, when you’re in the wrong, step in and say “fix that situation”.  Look at it this way, it’s the biggest win the O’s have had since about 1997.

2.  Since the 2000 campaign, at least ONE team that made the Super Bowl (in the years 2000 through 2006) failed to make the playoffs the following season.  Amazing, huh?  In the big dance one year, not even on the dance FLOOR the following season.  Ready for another amazing post-season statistic?  Good…read on.

3.  Maryland can’t win if Vasquez thinks he has to win the game by himself.  Can’t Gary get that kid a visit from The Cleat of Reality now that the Cleat is done with T.O. and Tony Romo?

4.  Ray Lewis will finish his NFL career in New England. 

5.  Roger Federer (men) and Justine Henin (women) will win the Australian Open.

6.  K.J. Choi has 7 career wins on the PGA Tour.  On Tour right now, he’s the best player you’ve never heard of.

7.  Orioles Hangout learned a valuable media lesson last week with the “Brian Roberts has been traded” snafu.  When you’re right, no one ever says “way to go” or remembers it down the road.  When you’re wrong…watch out. 

8.  If Wade Phillips doesn’t get fired by the Cowboys, Jason Garrett will be the next Ravens Head Coach.  I hear Donnie Henderson has tossed his name into the “D Coordinator” ring in Baltimore, but you have to assume Garrett is going to bring in his own guy, right?

9.  New England 27 – San Diego 20.

10.  Since 2000, there have been 7 “final fours” in the NFL…those teams that played in the AFC and NFC Championship obviously then had a chance to come back the following season and make the playoffs.  Of those 28 teams, how many were able to go from making the final four one season to making the playoffs again the following season?  14.  Yep, half of the teams who make it to their respective conference championship games haven’t made the post-season the following season.  Moral of the story?  Enjoy it while you can.

11.  Longtime Baltimore newspaper writer Phil Jackman will do a special “Breakfast with…” segment on The Comcast Morning Show with me this Wednesday from 7am-10am.  Don’t miss it.  Phil’s a great storyteller.

12.  I said Aaron Baddeley would win the Sony Open in Hawaii and he missed the cut.  So did I, then.  I’ll take my 0-1 record on the year and say this week’s winner on the PGA Tour will be…Mark Calcavecchia.  Makes a ton of birdies, does Calc…and he always seems to play well in at least one early-season event every year. 

13.  New York Giants 23 – Green Bay 20 OT*

14.  If the Ravens complete their coaching search and never really gave Marty Schottenheimer a serious call and/or interview opportunity, I think they did themselves a disservice.  But, if they called Marty Ball and he said, “you know, I’m thinking I might not want to get back in right now…” then I don’t blame them for not pressing the issue.  You either want to get back in because you love to coach or you’re waiting for the best opportunity that suits YOU.  I don’t want the latter…I want the guy who loves to coach…who NEEDS to coach.

15.  I wonder if Tom Brady or Brett Favre would have wandered off to Cabo for a few days during the playoff bye week?  I think not.  Maybe that’s why they’re winners?  You think?

16.  These are all big “ifs”…but if Garrett stays in Dallas, if Sparano winds up in Miami and if Rex takes the Atlanta gig.  If, if, and if.  Then…I say Giants Defensive Coodinator Steve Spagnuolo gets a look-see from the Ravens hiring committee.

17.  Is it me or are the Wizards just as good, if not better, without Gilbert?

18.  Russ Grimm will get the Redskins job.

19.  * (see #13) — Unless it snows like hell.  If the Packers order another half-blizzard for 6pm Sunday night, they win 27-10.  Fair weather?  Giants win.