A Much Needed Rest

April 16, 2009 |

The Orioles get a day off for the first time since the day after opening day. They’re off to a respectable 6-3 start. They’ve hammered their way through the competition. I mean they out hammered their competition. As expected the offense and defense are solid, If not top notch. The pitching is also as advertised.
The danger in putting that kind of pressure on your offense reared its ugly head last night in the Texas finale. For the first time this season, I saw the batters pressing. They had their chances early to get to Kris Benson in the second, but failed to deliver. After that, Texas jumped up and the Oriole hitters lost their plate discipline.
In stead of patience they were taking quick swingrs early in counts. Instead of making Benson work. If they continue to try to play from behind it could be bad all year.
As for the pitching, we got an answer to the question,”What happens when you start a middle reliever?” You get 3 2/3 innings and an already overworked bullpens B-team. Hendrickson, while game, seemed erratic and out of sinc with his catcher. Liz, Albers, and Bass, all have live arms but, little control. These guys are only pitching last night because, the night before the A-team had to bail out an injured Alfredo Simon.

I will continue to believe hope is on the horizon in the form of young arms in the minors.  Until we see them, I will enjoy watching the developement of some good young offensive and defensive players.  But, this could be a long season if the pitching doesn’t find its’ way.