A “Nasty” Challenge For Baltimore’s Steelers Fans …..

July 13, 2010 |

We all know about this city’s DIRTY LITTLE SECRET, right? Many of us ignore it, and them. But, just hit up your local buffet, flea market or Billy Ray Cyrus look-a-like contest, and you’re most likely going to find a few of them.

Or ….

As Drew Forrester found out, you can even take a trip to North Harford High School and stumble upon an entire colony of them !!!!

We have STEELERS FANS living among us !!!! I know it, you know it and every purple-blooded Baltimorean knows it. God knows they remind us of it everywhere we go …..

The Community Playground


In Highlandtown, Pigtown and Downtown


Your Neighborhood Walmart


To hear local Steelers fans tell it, “they’re proud residents, who care about this community.” They just love their STEELERS. And, so they use opportunities involving their beloved Black & Gold to raise awareness for charitable causes. Once again, just ask the staff up at North Harford High School.

In recognition of this weekend’s “Curing Cancer …. One Call At A Time” Marathon, I wanted to ensure the Steelers fans didn’t feel left out. After all, they LOVE this area and they care about missions aimed at helping those in need, right?

So, I brainstormed and thought of a way Baltimore’s Steelers fans could contribute to the cause of assisting fellow citizens who are battling cancer. Say what you want ….. I don’t care which NFL team they support, I’m devoted to squeezing every charitable nickel from Baltimore’s sports fans; in the name of helping this city and its sick.

It’s the GREATER GOOD …..

My brain visited several different ideas. But, in the end, it centered on one focus and ONE GUY …..

Yeah, I realize I’m treading into dangerous waters – putting the boss in a difficult spot is a risky proposition. That said, it’s for a phenomenally selfless purpose and my idea could surely provide some entertainment and money, while testing the resolve of one proud Baltimorean.

As much as I’d like to offer up my carcass as the sacrificial lamb for any good charity cause, I realize my name does not resonate nearly as well as others. Indeed, we need a “lightning rod” among the differing sports allegiances of this town.

And, when I think of lightning rods, I think of Nestor Aparicio …..

Thus, I’m issuing an official challenge to all of Baltimore’s Steelers fans. The challenge includes our friends in Anne Arundel, Howard, HARFORD, Baltimore and Carroll counties, as well. Heck, it’s for a GREAT CAUSE, the offer is open to Steelers fans across the globe ….

Last night, I asked Nestor “would you wear a Steelers jersey in-studio, for an hour of this weekend’s Marathon, in exchange for a $500 donation?”

His answer ….. “NO”

I was a little surprised, at first. However, I have no doubt in my heart or mind about his good nature and love for the people of this city; ALL THE PEOPLE OF THIS CITY.

In fact, it’s his love for this city that led him to decline the offer of wearing a black and gold rag on his body – for any reason.

I can’t say that I blame him. After all, who would really want to wear this thing …..

Not Me …. Not You …. Not Nestor

But, I certainly see plenty of these jerseys around town. Somebody is wearing them. And, these SOMEBODIES live here.

Thus, our weekend campaign of “Curing Cancer …. One Call At A Time” really includes them, as well. Everyone is affected and everyone has a stake in this cause.

Ravens Fans, Orioles Fans, Redskins Fans, Yankees Fans, Colts Fans, Wizards Fans, Eagles Fans, Nationals Fans, Jets Fans, Capitals Fans, Steelers Fans ….. you get the picture.

Would Nestor wear the Steelers jersey for $500? I don’t know. Would he do it for $600? Once again, I don’t know. He insists there is no AMOUNT OF MONEY that could persuade him into donning a Steelers jersey for an hour …..

Quite honestly, I don’t believe that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure he believes it in his heart. However, just remember what this guy said …..

And, yes, the price still applies …. even when it’s for a generous, goodwill reason.

I guess at this point, I’ll just wait to hear from a Steelers fan who wants to serve as the “Point Man” (or woman) for their group’s contribution to the cause. Will the Baltimore-area STEELERS FAITHFUL step and face the challenge? Will they make Nestor an offer he can’t refuse?

We’ll see …..

I would like to think the group’s organizational strength exists. After all, they persuaded a group of Steelers’ players to travel to North Harford High School and play a basketball game in support of raising funds for the athletic department.

Whether many of us thought it was a plausible thing to do, their dedication to a cause is unquestioned.

Now, I’m challenging them to participate in an even GREATER cause.

Do you know Ken Brinkman, the coach who organized the Steelers basketball game? Call him. Do you know David Thomas, North Harford’s Principal? Call him. Do you know anyone affiliated with that event? Call them.

Just get the Steelers fans involved.

Their participation in our “Curing Cancer …. One Call At A Time” Marathon is more vital than supporting an athletic cause. It just is.

And, let me be clear about my allegiances. This plea isn’t about loyalties to certain football teams. And, it’s certainly not about creating division between groups of people …..

To be honest, we’re in this LIFE struggle, together.

When the Steelers lose, they get ready for the next game. When the Ravens lose, they get ready for the next game. But, when someone loses against cancer, it’s over.

I’m challenging area Steelers fans to be part of the community. If you live here, it affects you, regardless of what jersey your team wears.

Whomever the “Grand Poobah” of the local Steelers fans shall be, email me, call me, text me, knock on my door. But, be heard.

Lets see if you can get this guy to change his colors for an HOUR ….. and for the right reason …..