A nasty storm hits the region

May 08, 2009 | Keith Melchior

The rain may have let up for a day or so but the two regional professional teams were all wet tonight.

 The storm started locally at Oriole Park at Yankee Stadium around 710pm in the first inning when Jeremy Guthrie served A-Rod a big fat meatball after allowing 2 baserunners. BOOM…..3-0 Yankees. Just what Dave Trembling and the Orioles didn’t want to happen. Guthrie again failed miserably tossing 106 pitches in 6 innings allowing 3 runs. He continues to be an enigma this season. Hasn’t he lost his last 3 starts on Friday nights?  C.C.Sabathia, on the other hand, threw about 110 pitches in a complete game win. Guthrie should take lessons on how to keep his pitch count down and get past the 6th inning. I know he had a complete game last week in Toronto, but he still lost the game. Were there lots of people arriving late to the game or were fans wearing their dark green Oriole jerseys??  I saw what appeared to be lots of empty seats out there although it did appear to be a partisan Oriole crowd. If the Orioles are going to continue to wear those black jerseys with those ugly O’s hats on Fridays, once in a while I’d like to see BALTIMORE on those black jerseys…or can’t they afford the extra uniforms?

That storm traveled west northwest to Pittsburgh shortly after hitting Baltimore and centered around the Mellon Arena in downtown Pittsburgh as the Penguins put a hurting on the Washington Capitals. That was a real nice cheap shot by Alex Ovechkin on Sergei Gonchar. It looks doubtful he’ll return to the series so maybe it is time for the Penguins to call out the goon squad to nail Alex with a little revenge and knock him out of the series.  With that win the Pens tied the series at 2 with game 3 at the phone booth tomorrow night. Rare to have back to backers in the NHL playoffs. Simeon Varlamov lost his Superman costume tonight and looked rather bad at times giving up 3 soft goals.  How will the rookie goalie bounce back 24 hours later after never playing on back to back nights?  If the Capitals lose game 5 at home, chances are the series is over. I haven’t been a Caps fan since they moved the team into downtown DC. Going to the Capital Center was a convenient and fairly quick trip I used to make about 8 times a season, then they moved away, changed the jerseys completely and chose not to market the team in Baltimore as much as they had before. 

That storm took a quick turn south into Carolina and flooded the Boston Bruins. Who would have thought the best team in the Eastern Conference would be down 3 games to 1 to a Carolina team that barely made the playoffs. Guess anything can happen in the NHL during the playoffs.

I find it amazing how many hockey fans have surfaced recently. There was a time when no one cared about ice hockey in the Baltimore area, so what is causing all these fans to come out? Is it because WNST ran a few trips to the Verizon Center or are people just looking for a semi-local interest to root for in the playoffs while the Orioles are bumbling and stumbling into May?

I caught a few minutes of an NBA playoff game the other night. I used to love the NBA back in the Dr J era. My interest declined after Magic and Bird retired, teams frequently blew 20+ point leads, and Jordan was the best player in the universe. Now we have the debate over Kobe or LeBron being the best player in the game.  Yawnnnnnnnnn.. there’s no need to watch the first 43 minutes of the game because the last 5 minutes is all that matters. Just end it now and put Cleveland in the finals against the Lakers. That’s what the league wants anyway.

The Ravens started their mini-camp today and I hear quite a few of the veteran players were there with exception of Terrell Suggs.  The four free agent wideouts caught everyone’s attention and the rumors of a Anquan Boldin trade still swirl around the league. I still can’t see the Ravens signing him to the big money contract he is looking to get.

With the Orioles firmly stuck in last place and going nowhere, the Ravens watch will increase over the next few months and go into full swing as training camp opens in July. The only thing that will keep people interested in the Orioles is when or even if Matt Weiters will finally be called up. I was a big supporter of having him on the opening day roster and as Gregg Zaun struggled to bat .100 through the first 5 weeks of the season, it seemed like the Orioles front office made another bonehead move to go along with their failed Felix Pie experiment. I heard someone today talking about the possible trade of Brian Roberts to the Cubs for Rich Hill and Pie last season and how they now happen to have all 3 players without giving up much in return. Well, don’t look now but Pie stinks, Hill is on the DL and Roberts has slumped enough to have his average drop below .300 for the first time this season. 

I wonder if that storm is going to turn back toward the region tomorrow for another double whammy on the regional teams. I’d rather it stall over the Verizon Center and WRECK THE RED!!!