A-Rod should have said…”what about the other 103?”

February 17, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It’s almost laughable now, this charade featuring Alex Rodriguez.

Mind  you, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool baseball fan, you’re probably shedding a few private tears but they’re not from laughter.  Your great game is blowing up in front of you and there’s little, as a fan, you can do about it. I, on the other hand, having been disenfranchised in my own city by the team I grew up adoring, think it’s comedy on top of comedy — and I’m laughing so hard I’m blinking away tears.

Here’s the clip from today’s press conference where A-Rod talks about his three years of steroid use.

Remember the search that O.J. Simpson promised to launch in search for the “real” killers of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman?

We have a near national search in place today.  We’re trying to find A-Rod’s “cousin”, the guy who supposedly helped him buff up by supplying and/or otherwise turning him on to steroids.

We all have a cousin like that, I suppose.  He’s the guy (or gal) we blame something on when there’s enough evidence in place to find us guilty but there’s a sliver of doubt that we can cling to and use in our defense.  In law terms, it’s called “The Alford Plea”…enough evidence in place to convict but not an admission of guilt.

Except, in A-Rod’s case, he’s admitted guilt.  He’s just half-blaming it on his long-lost cousin.

Now, on to the real issue.

I think A-Rod is being too forthcoming, frankly.

If I were representing him, I’d tell him to clam up until the other 103 names of the positive-testers are announced.

Then, and only then, should A-Rod provide more details on his steroid use.

Why should he face the media, the fans and the strong arm of the law right now when 103 others cheated like him and they’re hanging out on a golf course right now thrilled to death it’s not THEM having the press conference?

It continues to be what’s wrong with baseball.

Stop protecting these miscreants and let’s get it all out in the open.

Let’s find out who the 1100 “clean” guys were as well.  That’s important information, don’tcha think?

No, we’re so obsessed with the tanned quarter-billionaire that we’d rather just focus on him.

It’s laughable.

The poster boy for the league has, ironically, become the poster boy for the league.

At least he didn’t lie to the government like the rattest of all rat-finks, Barry Bonds.

Say what you will about A-Rod, and more of you don’t like him than do, but I didn’t see any other juiced-up clowns facing the media today.  He’s done it twice in the last 8 days.  When’s the last time Barry Bonds sat in front of folks with a computer or a pen and paper and allowed them to go one-on-one with him?  Sammy Sosa?  Miguel Tejada?  Oh, that’s right, they’re English is bad.

I’m not Pro-Alex Rodriguez, but I’m getting there. 

There’s a part of me – this is true – that wants to see him hit 2 HR’s on opening day in Baltimore and go on to hit 48 more during the regular season. 

Everyone is laughing it up, talking about how much they can’t stand him and how he got what was coming to him and all that stuff.

Yeah, maybe he did get what was coming to him.  He cheated.

But, he’s front and center now, having been caught, of course, and he’s facing the music.

The other 103…where are they?  They’ve become baseball’s version of Bin Laden, hiding in a cave somewhere scared to see another human being in the event he or she works for SI.Com.

Leave it to baseball to screw up the biggest scandal since we found out Pete Rose bet on the game while managing.

They get even “out” the crooks the right way.

Of course, someone will say, “but Major League Baseball doesn’t really know the identity of the other 103 cheaters…”


Or, simply, are they figuring if they feed the biggest fish to the media that we’ll all go away once we’ve cleaned, gutted and fried A-Rod?

You can bet your rump they know who the 103 other bums are…and they know who the 1100 non-cheaters were too.

They’d love to just pass along the massive list of the guys who tested negative but they can’t.  Or, at least, not until they also pass along the names of those who failed the test along with A-Rod.

I’m telling you, A-Rod would have been well within his rights today to say, “I’ll be happy to have a press conference with you folks when the complete list of those who failed the test in 2003 is published.”

I would have applauded him for that, frankly.

As it stands now, I just feel sorry for him, on a variety of levels.

I hope he finds his cousin.

That guy has some ‘splainin’ to do.

As for Rodriguez, he’s explained enough for now.

Let’s hear from the other 103 scallywags.