A-Rod, Teixeira lead “Evil Empire” into Baltimore

May 08, 2009 |

Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira lead the “Evil Empire” into Baltimore for a three game weekend series. The Orioles have won two straight while the Yankees come into town with a 13-15 record after losing two straight to the Rays.

The Orioles are 2-1 against the Yankees on the season as they took the opening series of the season at Camden Yards.

This Yankees team is far different then the one that came into Baltimore opening weekend. They put Chen Ming-Wang on the DL and recalled Phil Hughes, they added Joba Chamberlain to the rotation and most importantly they added Alex Rodriguez to their lineup.

The Orioles will face Hughes and Chamberlain in the 2nd and 3rd and game of the series while the opener will be a match up between both teams respective “aces” in Sabathia and Guthrie.

I think the Orioles might be catching the Yankees at the right time and this could be a series win for them. The Yankees are below .500 and there is a lot of pressure on them to win.

CC. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira have struggled and they will be pressing to try to prove themselves in Camden Yards. Alex Rodriguez, who will be making his season debut, will likely be the victim of a massive amount of “boo birds” and will undoubtedly be trying to prove he can be successful this season without steroids.

Every time the Yankees come to town the Orioles always step their game up. Opening Day was one of the best atmospheres in 10 years as Orioles fans came out in droves and painted the Yard orange.

I just wonder, given the Orioles struggles this season , if this this series will draw predominately Yankees fans or if Orioles fans will come out an support their team.

There are many reasons for Orioles fans to come out and see this series: First, it’s the Yankees, and its always nice to see the Orioles beat them. Second, Mark Teixeira is making a return trip to Baltimore and Orioles fans will get the chance to boo him un -mercilessly.Lastly, they will get to come out let Alex Rodriguez know what they think of him.

All these reasons should lead to a largely pro Orioles crowd but I have a feeling that Yankees fans will be the mjority this weekend.

After the Opening Day win many Orioles players expressed how great of an atmosphere it was, how they were so proud of the fans who came out and how it improved their play.

These players are professionals but just like everyone else but they play better when there are more people to watch them.

Baltimore is one of the most passionate baseball towns with the most beautiful stadium in all of baseball and Orioles fans should come out this weekend and support the Birds.

So I am asking you O’s fans to go out to the Yard, boo Teixeira and A-Rod and show the Yankees and their fans that this is BIRDLAND not Yankee Stadium south!!!