A star is a far cry from being born.

June 29, 2012 |

It was the audition to end all auditions. No wait, I hope it wasn’t the audition to end all auditions, because another one would be nice. I fought beltway traffic for 45 minutes and got there late, all the while listening in the car as I was deservedly abused for being late to WNST on Friday afternoon.

All appeared forgiven once I got started, except for being reminded a few times to speak directly into the mic. Not just directly, but with my mouth no more than an inch from it. One thing to keep in mind. I hope I didn’t put anyone to sleep, and I appreciate the fact that all who were paying attention kept paying attention.

One thing I regret not having a chance to comment on was the new, BCS playoff system, in which four teams will have a playoff, starting in 2014, to determined the national champion in a way more closely approaching the structure of basketball’s Final Four.

It has flaws. Why only four teams? Please don’t take another eon to increase the field. This story, while obviously significant to a national audience that has been waiting for a change like this for decades, will probably fall short of igniting local passions until Maryland climbs back to national prominence in football.

Maryland? Competing realistically for a national championship in football? What are you smoking, and where can I get some? Any College Park graduate knows smoking different tobacco variations has always been more of a pastime than football on that campus.