A Step Outside of My Box

January 22, 2008 |

Well usually I’m writing about the Blast/MISL for WNST but today I’m going to step outside of my Box and venture into some other areas with some general thoughts on the news of the day.

I’m not a big golf guy but I must say as a sports fan and a very casual one with regards to my golf knowledge (although I will watch the Master’s from beginning to end) I truly admire Tiger Woods as a person. He certainly is encouraged to take more of a role in race based issues when they arise in the golf world. The Fuzzy Zoeller incident a few years ago comes to mind and the last incident with Kelly Tilghman who is a commentator for the Golf Channel. His stance is one that an individual “MAN” takes on each issue. Tiger’s latest handling of what could have been a huge issue for golf in general was handled like a man. He quickly diffused what could have been a fire storm with a simple statement. It was discussed, dealt with, and he says time to move on. Good for you Tiger and a lesson we all can learn from with regards with how not to exploit a situation but deal with the individual’s mistake, apology, and move on.

Eli Manning. Good for you! You put up with a lot of BS from Tiki Barber, the New York Media, etc., and now you are in the biggest game of them all. Although your brother is in every commercial known to modern media you both are guys we can route for. I as a coach of young athletes admire when an athlete perceivers. I’m rooting for you Eli in less than two weeks time to finish the job and remember there are no guarantees you will get another shot. So take full advantage of the opportunity in front of you.

John Harbaugh. He needs to pick his own staff much like we have wanted the Orioles manager to pick his own coaches. I like Rex Ryan but I hope he is not signed as the D Coordinator/Asst Head coach. I also would like the old guard released if possible. I smell TROUBLE if the stench from the past is allowed to continue to fester and grow. Old leopards don’t change their spots. Can anyone say Cam Cameron = John Harbaugh. Think about it Baltimore… this team could be next year’s Dolphins and we’ll be doing this all again next year. I’d rather be one year to early with a re-build than one year too late.

Dungy and Holmgren. I hope after today that we know they both are coming back for one more year. They have been good for the NFL and both deserve one more shot to make it back to the big game.

Newcastle United. I hope for the promise of a great soccer franchise to finally meet the expectations of the Geordie nation. This franchise feels like the Cubs of MLB. I hope that Kevin Keegan is the right manager for the club. He will need players though and right now the covert is bare at Newcastle.

Congratulations to Steve Nichols: Steve received the NSCAA Award for Coach of the year with regards to his work with youth soccer. His blurb from the NSCAA is below. From all the youth soccer coaches in Maryland like me…good job Steve!           

                              Youth Boys – Steve Nichols, Owings Mills, Md.
One of the nation’s most successful youth coaches during the past five years, Nichols has led his Casa Mia Bays teams to 12 Maryland state cup titles, eight Region I championships and national crowns each of the last five years. Last season the Bays won three state championships (U-14, U-17 and U-19), two regional championships (U14 and U19) and one national championship (U14). He also earned 2007 NSCAA/adidas Regional Coach of the Year honors at McDonogh High School.

Gary Williams. Hopefully this youthful team is maturing in front of our very eyes. If they can continue to do well in the ACC it may just make March interesting again at College Park.

The O’s. Please deal our two most coveted players. Enough already. Let’s get on with our work if we truly want to make a new start and build for the future. In the words of BB. It is what it is.

Jeff Hardy. You’ve become a bona fide main eventer. Win or lose at the Rumble this Sunday you need to put on the show of your life to stay in the dog eat dog main event status of the WWE.

Well that’s it for now I’ll try to get back into my MISL/Blast soccer world for Thursday.