A Tip Of The “CAP” For Major League Baseball …..

May 25, 2009 |

If you venture toward the cozy confines of Camden Yards to celebrate Memorial Day, you’ll witness a very unique sight ….. the Baltimore Orioles will be sporting RED CAPS. Yes, you read it correctly – the O’s are trading their customary black headgear for a patriotic cause.

In fact, all 30 teams will be wearing red caps, with stars/stripes logos, to commemorate today’s Memorial Day celebration. These caps are available for purchase at ballparks and online, at MLB.com …..

All proceeds will be donated to “Welcome Back Veterans” – a charitable entity which subsidizes causes regarding soldiers returning home from military operations, overseas. At $37, the price is a little steep, but the cause is certainly noteworthy.

While all of us seem primed to chastise Bud Selig and his brethren, whenever their actions tarnish the game ….. or their negligent inactions further complicate it, I think it’s equally vital to recognize their efforts, when well-intentioned and with noble cause.

Recognizing our true American HEROES is absolutely selfless and humbling. Although, it looks like one team almost screwed it up …..

Yes, leave it to the New York Yankees to broach the topic of messing up a charitable gesture – if it doesn’t directly benefit them. Nope, I’m not kidding – according to multiple sources, the Yanks toyed with declining to participate in the symbolic marketing effort.


Oh, they had a good reason. It seems the Yankees are awfully entrenched in this “heritage and tradition” ritual. The impacting factor regards the significance of the RED CAP. In their storied history, the Yankees have always worn a navy blue cap. That’s right, they’ve never worn a different colored hat.

While we all have our suspicions, I can imagine one of the cast of our “usual suspects” deemed the prospect of potentially raising millions for soldiers to be frivolous, when compared to maintaining a streak of 40,000 days in the same colored hat.

Thank God a prudent, and kindhearted mind must have made the ultimate decision for Derek Jeter and his teammates. Who was it? I don’t know ….. but, he/she did the right thing.

I don’t know if the Orioles have ever worn a red cap. But, I’m glad they’re doing it today. And, I’m especially glad we have the freedoms and prosperity to support this initiative, in the name of supporting American soldiers.

If the $37 price tag is too steep for your budget, I understand. Let’s face it, this isn’t the most plentiful economy for Joe-Tax Payer. Even if nearly 40 bucks for a token cap isn’t affordable, there are options.

These are some less pricey charitable causes. Remember, it’s the thought that counts …..

Homes For Our Troops (www.homesforourtroops.org) – a non-profit, Maryland based organization that strives to provide affordable home ownership opportunities for enlisted military personnel

Children Of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund (www.cfsrf.org) – another non-profit, Maryland based organization. This charity provides financial support to families of native-Maryland soldiers, who have been killed in military operations

Thanks for reading today’s blog – and a SPECIAL THANKS to those who have protected our freedoms …..