October 04, 2009 |

Let me state for the record I am a New England Patriot fan. I am from Annapolis and I was 7 when the Colts left so I had to look elsewhere for a team to cheer on. Unfortunately that meant the Redskins who have become the NFL’s version of the O’s. Dan Snyder and Peter Angelos have a lot in common.  However when I found out Bill Belichick and I attended the same high school,  I immediate;y started following him when he was in Cleveland and that has continued in New England. I do respect the Ravens and what they have built. This being said here are my thoughts on today’s game.

The officiating was bad but they were only doing what they were told to do by the league. If you want to be angry at the league for protecting the quarterbacks that is fine but the refs are only enforcing those rules. The Suggs and Ngata calls were bad so was the unnecessary roughness call on the Patriots but Flacco’s INT in the red zone bailed them out. One question I have though is why does Baltimore/Washington area think referees in every sport are against them. Whether it is baseball, college basketball, college football, or the NFL, fans in this area think the refs are out to get them. I am including  Redskin fans in this also.

Back to the game, after the Patriots stopped the Ravens on third and fourth down they tried to give the Ravens the game. They only took 1:30 off the clock and the punt went into the end zone meaning no run back and the ball on the 20. The Ravens were a dropped pass away from making the Pats pay dearly for that.

I think these two teams will meet again on a snowy January day. I am hoping it is in New England because M&T isn’t a fun place to visit.

Good luck the rest of the way until they meet the Pats again.