A Vote for Romney Increases Baltimore’s Chances

October 13, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Let me preface this by saying that I write this tongue and cheek and am not trying push my own political agenda. But let’s take a look at the seven world titles shared by the Orioles, Colts and Ravens.

In 1958 and again in 1959 the Baltimore Colts won the NFL Championship game, both times against the New York Giants. Guess who was president in 1958 and 1959? It was Dwight david Eisenhower who was a republican.

In 1964 the Colts lost the NFL Championship to the Cleveland Browns; Democrat Lyndon Johnson was president. Under Johnson however the Orioles won their first World Series beating the Dodgers 4-0 in 1966. The Colts lost to the Jets while Johnson was still in office, and Nixon (republican) was in when the Birds lost in 1969.

Under Richard Nixon’s presidency the Orioles were 1-2 in World Series play. They beat the Reds in 1970 4-1 and lost to the pirates in 1971 in seven games.

The Colts had a perfect championship record with republicans in office going 3-0. They won Super Bowl V against Dallas during the Nixon administration.

The Orioles choked against the Pirates in 1979 while democrat Jimmy Carter was in office. They rebounded in 1983 by beating the Phillies 4-1. Ronald Reagan was president as he called the victorious birds in the winning locker room.

The next time a Baltimore team won a championship was in 2001 when the Ravens beat the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV 34-7. And guess who was president? George W. Bush, who was of course a republican.
Colts Orioles Ravens
R 3-0 R 2-2 R 1-0
D 0-2 D 1-1 D 0-0

Baltimore Championship Record under A Republican President 6-2
Baltimore Championship Record under A Democratic President 1-3

So if you want the Ravens to win Super Bowl LXVII Vote Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL