A week of intense drama finally comes to an end ….

May 09, 2011 |


In truth, the past week probably didn’t serve up any additional salacious stories to debate; a few of them just hit close to home. That’s the demographical unknown to the “TMZ side” of sports.

Do I have a personal take on each storyline, as we watch another week filed into history’s archives? Sure …..

As for Phil Jackson, he’ll have plenty of time to write that $35,000 check. Then again, if he really is retiring, perhaps, he can stiff David Stern and ride into the sunset …. with his 35G’s in tow.

Shin Soo Choo and more importantly, a half dozen DUI’s in this early baseball season? Well, it speaks to the weakness of Bud Selig and Major League Baseball; they don’t have the authority to discipline players for such off-field transgressions.

Luke Scott? I will go down fighting for the guy, because whenever he’s divulged any feelings on “birthing”, it came in the form of some dude sticking a microphone in his face and asking questions. He didn’t lie or avoid the subject, and while I tend to disagree with his suspicions, you can bet he’s done more research than most of us.

As for Gary Williams, I honestly believe he is helping the University of Maryland, by stepping aside. He couldn’t be fired, but his recent finishes were not beyond reproach. How many coaches are knocking down the door to take his job? Not Sean Miller …..

Finally, as for Rashard Mendenhall, the young man has paid enough …..

His comments regarding the death of Osama bin Laden and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were met with a swift and certain censure. He lost thousands of dollars in current endorsements and much more in prospective sponsorship deals.

While I don’t know him, I never really articulated Mendenhall’s comments to be treasonous or disloyal from a citizenship view. I actually just considered them to be representative of someone who is lacking knowledge of historical world events.

However, this individual is a sports celebrity and his words cause action …..

Is there a distinct difference between the words and actions of Rashard Mendenhall and Luke Scott? For me, the answer is a resounding YES. One sought publicity and a market for his thoughts and the other merely answered a reporter’s questions.

Mendenhall peddled the originality of his consensus opinion via the social media format of Twitter. It was there for the entire world to see. He acted alone and without any mitigating evidence to substantiate his views.

Conversely, Luke Scott has now been “had” twice by reporters. Part of me assumes he should realize his views, too, are not in the best interest of channeling a mainstream existence – especially as it regards exposure for prospective endorsers.

However, I absolutely recognize Scott hasn’t championed his feelings and observations for the entire planet to see, via the world wide web, or any other thoroughfare. He answered reporters questions; nothing more, nothing less.

At the end of the day and this current week, I think Rashard Mendenhall stands as a guy who has lost an awful lot; in a span of less than 7 calendar days !!!!

He didn’t assault a girlfriend, nor flunk a field sobriety test. He didn’t stiff a creditor or fail a urinalysis. He simply said/typed some irresponsible remarks. To his detriment, the remarks have no factual backing or rooted substance.

And, he opined on the ultimate “no go” zone of all “NO GO” ZONES.

Do I feel sorry for him? Nah …. he’ll overcome it; and hopefully learn from the incident.

Did I learn something from the past week? Hmmm …. not really.

I know the areas to avoid:

Don’t talk bad about Jesus, Uncle Sam or combat heroes. At the same time, don’t utter one word that absolves or excuses Osama bin Laden, Adolf Hitler and/or other historical heels.

Wait a minute …. this is getting way too heavy.

Let’s get back to SPORTS.

After all, a new week begins today and it will be full of trainwreck stories and enough drama to fill a separate 7-day window.

Selfishly, I hope the next week is littered with multiple Orioles victories, a forecasted full field for the Preakness and some damn awesome NASCAR action, in Dover.

Oh yeah, and I’ll gladly take an agreement between NFL owners and players.