April 14, 2009 |

Getting a shot at KOBST was a fantastic opportunity and it began on a windy, rainy Tuesday at the WNST studios.  Trying to be a punctual fellow, I arrived a mere 90 minutes before it was time to go on the air, but that gave me a great opportunity to soak in the atmosphere.

Immediately when you walk in the doors of WNST you are in Baltimore sports paradise.  There are classic pictures throughout the

building of some of the greatest moments in Baltimore sports history.  Pictures from the Ravens march to the Super Bowl to those great old black and whites of Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson.  Even the bathroom has a huge blown up photo of the upper deck right behind homeplate of Memorial Stadium.

With almost two hours to kill, I tried to soak it all in as I waited to meet Nestor and the rest of the sports gang from WNST.  Everyone was extremely nice and that started with Nestor’s son Barry who instantly made me feel right at home.  When Mr. Aparacio rolled through the doors, his energy just dominated the room as he immediatley welcomed me and gave me solid instructions for a good performance.  “Just relax.”

As I awaited my turn to get on the microphone, I met a few of the other KOBST candidates and we had a few moments to talk about the Orioles great start (what else!).   The time behind the microphone went quickly, but it was thoroughly enjoyable as Nestor made me feel  comfortable and relaxed.  Talking sports with him was sensational and I hope I get the chance to do it again very soon.