A Year of Hope and Change…for the O’s? I hope I can change it.

January 21, 2009 |

Oh. Wait. Someone already coined those two words already? 

Well, with today marking history with hope and change in D.C. with the inauguration of President Obama, I thought we could get that ball rolling up here this summer in Charm City with the Orioles PR Department. Here are ten ideas I have gathered that might fill some seats over at the Yard. The Orioles are more than welcome to take these, chew them up, and use them as their own. As a bird lover, I’m dying to see our Orange and Black have hope and change deep into the MLB season. 

#10 Asbestos Awareness Night: I wouldn’t put it past ole Petey. 

#9. Mickey Tettleton “Froot Loop” Night: All fans are greeted with a complimentary box of Froot Loops-dedicating thanks to, arguably, the best catcher ever to don an Oriole jersey. 

#8. Chris Sabo Rex Specs Giveaway: Something for Friday “Student Nights” when the PR Dept. only allows students to sit in the nose bleed sections.

#7. Brady Anderson (slash Nick Markakis) Sideburn Night: Reppin’ the old and the new. C’Mon. C’Mon.

#6. ‘Greetings and Readings’ Thank-You to Glenn Davis Night: Nevermind, that was an awful idea. 

#5. Spaldings, Gibbons, and Towson Catholic Appreciation Nights: Time for us to celebrate the rival high schools of Mount St. Joseph-no, thank you Mr. Teixeira. 

#4. Raffy Palmeiro Cheesy Stache Promotion: All men sporting a cheesy Burt Reynolds mustache get in half-off. This could be well used for weekend day games.

#3. SOMETHING involving the 2008 Baltimore Ravens: Coach Harbaugh, #52, and #5 throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day; a Ravens Night where anyone wearing a jersey receives a price reduction; have Stover and Koch attempt a kick over the fence; put Reed out in center with Adam Jones; SOMETHING!  

#2. 20 Year Anniversary of the “Why Not” Season!: Seriously, if this gets overlooked this season, wow! This is the first season that I remember from my youth. My brother and I would play wiffle ball in the back yard, mimicking the entire line-up with their respective batting stances.

This team had guys like Brady, Bradley, Devo, Jr., Mulligan, Finley, Tettleton, Sheets, Craig Worthington, Gonzo…and the pitching staff of Dave Johnson, Milacki, Ben McDonald, Harnisch, Hickey and, of course, Gregg Olson and his knee-buckler.

I fell in love with this team. This team lifted the organization, from worst to first, out of its horrendous ’88 season. They were full of youth, energy (sound familiar), and fought the entire season until losing the very last game against the Cito Gaston’s Toronto Blue Jays.

And #1

-Cito STILL Sucks Night: Dust off those old T-shirts from 1993 during a weekend series against the Jays. 

You got anything better in mind? I highly doubt it. Post your thoughts.