About my teams

November 16, 2009 |

As I am watching tonight’s Monday Night Football game Ravens Vs Browns, I just want to explain a few things about the teams I root for.

1st. Baltimore Ravens

I never got to see or hear Baltimore Colts games as a child, because I was born in 1982. The first NFL football game I saw was in Memorial Stadium in 1996, I also went to the last NFL game to be played in Memorial Stadium Vs the Miami Dolphins where I got to see Dan Marino beat the Ravens. I had a Redskins jacket when I was a kid, but I never got into the team, and never got behind the game. That all changed when the Ravens came to town, just like how the Colts were stripped from Baltimore. They are my team, and I will always support them.

2nd. Washington Capitals

I first got behind the Washington Capitals when Baltimore had the AHL affiliate the Baltimore Skipjacks. I have always loved the game of hockey, and my father always took me to Skipjack games. I remember walking out of the Baltimore Arena seeing the spare goals in the hallways and walking under them, I was rather short during that time. Anyone may say Caps fan? In my heart they are my Baltimore Hockey team. I would rather drive to DC, then to Philly to see the games. For the record my favorite player all time was Dale Hunter.

3rd. Baltimore Orioles

I remember being a kid living on 38th Street in Baltimore City, and walking up the street a few blocks to Memorial Stadium and seeing the Orioles play ball. Unfortunately my father took my sister to the last Orioles game in Memorial Stadium, but he did make up for it by taking me to the 1st game at Oriole Park for my birthday, not to mention I got to miss school for the day. I have high hopes for my beloved Orioles, maybe I will one day see a championship come to Baltimore.

As to what you will see me write about, mostly the Washington Capitals. I am an amateur hockey player, and I absolutely love the level of skill it takes to play the game, not to mention the endurance. When the Orioles start playing you will hear from me. As for now I am seriously upset with the Ravens over our field goal kicker.

Til’ next time.


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