Absolute excitement

May 01, 2009 |

Last night, I had witnessed one of the best first-round playoff series in the NBA.  This Bulls-Celtics series could go down as one of the most exciting in history, with the only drawback being that it is a first-round and not a championship series.  Out of the 6 games played so far, 4 of them have been overtime (some extensive overtime), making a total of 7 overtime periods, and last night’s game kept me wanting more.  This series has also seen 60 ties and 102 lead changes.  I don’t know that anyone expected it to be this exciting considering it’s a 2 vs. 7 matchup.  This series would of been done in 5, had Kevin Garnett been healthy and playing.  But with Glen Davis in his place,  the Celtics are just not the same.  Davis’ stats are not as good as Garnett’s, but of course Garnett would be better in the clutch anyway.  It has seen excellent playing by a multitude of players: Allen, Pierce, Rondo, Rose, Noah, Miller.  It’s never one-sided, but instead it’s equal in accuracy, defense, and pure determination.  Allen and Rose have been absolutely outstanding; Pierce, Rondo, Miller and Noah very worthy teammates to have.  If the Bulls can pull out a win in game 7, then I think you have to give them the respect they deserve for beating the reigning world champs.  But they will not pull out a series win against the Magic.  They’ll get the press they have earned, but with playing at least 4 overtime (and multi-overtime) games and being a young team, they will have exhausted themselves past the point of being potential favorites.  I see the Magic winning that in 5 games.  If the Celtics pull out a game 7 win, they will have a better shot at beating the Magic in the next round.  But I think this exhausting series, coupled with the injuries, will have the Magic winning that series in 6 games.  Can’t wait for a hopefully equal exciting game 7 and an awesome end to this first round of playoffs.