July 24, 2009 |

M&T Bank stadium is a wonderful edifice. Big, too. I should know. I spent the better half of an hour circumnavigating it looking for the media “will call” office. Found it, went to what Nestor described as a “sausage party” at Mother’s (granted there were less of the fairer sex on hand, but it was early so faces might still had to have been put on) for a few minutes and now here I sit looking at the pre-match kick warm up.

Looking at the line ups, both coaches have brought out the heavy artillery to start things off.

Leonardo, AC Milan’s Brazilian coach, seems intent on lighting M&T up with most of his regular starters cracking the nod. Flamini, Pato, Seedorf, Nesta, Zambrotta, Pirlo, Boriello, Silva, Oddo and Ronaldinho will all start for the Rossoneri. On the opposite side of the park for the Blues Carlo Ancelotti is trotting out Cech, Ivanovich, Ashley Cole, Lampard, Drogba, Mikel Obi, Bosingwa, Zhirkov, Terry, Belletti and Anelka. Should be a corker. English Parlance for a terrific game.

Ancelotti’s welcome should be an interesting one having coached the Red and Black for 6 seasons to some success hoisting Old Big Ears twice in three attempts (of course it was Liverpool, ahem, that robbed them of the third with the miracle in Istanbul in ’05).

For those of you that have followed the tournament at all, it is the underdog Club America that sits atop the pile with 8 points. Having watch their two games against the pair of Italian giants, it must be said that they are deserving of their top spot.

And so it’s about to start. I’m sure you are as excited as I am to watch this, all 3 of you that are reading this.

Oh yeah, as nice as it is outside, it’s nicer to be in air-conditioning.