Add a no-hitter to the O’s 2007 resume

September 02, 2007 | Nestor Aparicio

So, if a 30-3 beatdown didn’t upset your stomach…

And if an 11-run inning and a Camden Yards sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays didn’t send you to drive the porcelain bus…

And if a pair of nine-game losing streaks didn’t exactly make history…

TONIGHT, the 2007 Orioles added a "Peter Angelos ego-sized" mark on the history books: tonight they were no-hit by a kid making his second appearance in a major league game and it was done at Fenway Park, which other than for the facade, will look very similar to the crowd here in Baltimore next weekend as the Red Army invades the Inner Harbor one more time.

I could write more or vomit more about no hitters and history — blah, blah, blah.

I’m just dying to hear how the organization is going to spin this offseason after watching a few weeks of "hope" turn into another never-ending black hole.

Will it ever end?

And does anyone in Baltimore even care that it’s this bad and shouldn’t be?

A few random thoughts:

Gary Thorne MUST be in trouble for calling the end of the game tonight as if it were the Orioles throwing the party…it was great, though, hearing that Stanley Cup-level of excitement in an Orioles broadcast, even if it was for the wrong reasons. MASN really sucks, but Thorne is awesome!

Chris Redman looked pretty decent last night. I pull for him because he was a great person.

We locked Michael Popovec in a rubber room here at WNST. He’s a Michigan fan…

I wish the NFL would just get rid of these scams in the preseason and start the damned season in August, already!

Which is the bigger national story: Michigan loss, or Red Sox rookie throwing a no-hitter at Fenway? Will find out on the 11 p.m. Sportscenter…

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