Admit it, you wanted to see Lebron James lose

June 13, 2011 |

Yes, you can count me among the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of casual basketball fans who wanted to see Miami melt under the pressure of its own HEAT …..

This entire story of contempt, envy and ultimate disdain possessed by most observers, culminated with watching Lebron James and his teammates walk away from the biggest game of their season as LOSERS.

That’s the way we wanted it, right?

Seeing Miami eliminated in an earlier round by Philly, Boston or Chicago just wouldn’t have been this delightful. When it comes to enjoying the failures of others, nothing compares to seeing it happen on the grandest stage.

Why did so many of us want to see the Miami Heat lose? More importantly, why did guys like me – who don’t really invest much emotion in the NBA – want to see such a result?

I can only speak for myself, but I never like seeing teams primarily assembled thru a free agency spending spree in the context of one off-season.

Perhaps, I’m a little more old fashioned. Or, in today’s world, I guess I’m one of those guys who likes seeing a franchise primarily develop from within its own system, while subsidizing needs thru outside expenditures.

But, I’m still a more casual observer of the NBA product and that’s not going to change.

Lebron James has compelled me to watch and pay a little more attention, especially in the wake of everything that’s unfolded since “The Decision” took place, nearly a year ago.

It’s been one weird turn after another for Lebron …..

Last night, he didn’t disappoint those who like to pick apart his every move. For the record, I’m not part of such a crowd. I’m way too busy living my own life to know what he said following his poor performances, last week.

However, I heard his words following the championship loss …..

“All the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today.”

Childish and trite? Yep. The guy obviously has a problem yielding to good judgement when dealing with the pitfalls of stardom.

A simple look at the traditional way STARS are born, groomed and flicker into eventual obscurity can probably be relied upon in forecasting the ultimate future of Lebron James.

He was vaulted as the high school talent with freakishly awesome talent. He lived up to the hype and rose to stardom. The fans lifted him up as the modern day dominator.

Now, he’s in that stage of being torn down …..

That’s the way it goes. James is criticized for every move he makes and it’s not over, yet.

But, he’ll be built back up, again.

When that happens, he’ll hopefully recognize his surroundings and the perceived status from a more mature perspective. You can pretty much bet on that happening. He will live an learn.

Someday, he’s gonna retire and fade into that obscure road. He will have a championship ring or three on his resume’ and he’ll likely own some very impressive career records.

In the meantime, Lebron James will likely grow up a little bit. Rubbing the commonality of most people’s lives in their faces, during a post-game press conference, is really reaching low.

He’s better than that. Or, is he …..

Time will tell.