Almost an Uggla finish

July 16, 2008 | Keith Melchior

I haven’t watched most of the AllStar game tonight and I am not planning on watching much more of it as it goes into the top of the 11th.

It would have been terrible had the AL scored after Dan Uggla’s 2 errors.

It would be terrible for the AL to win and have the Red Sox get home field advantage in the World Series.

I think one the 3 most ridiculous things surrounding the All Star game is the bogus Home Run derby contest where they make a big deal out of a glorified “batting practice.” When Griffey hit the warehouse here in the All Star HR derby contest, it was on a pitch lobbed in at 50mph from 50 feet. Had it come in a real game I’d be more impressed.

Another thing that makes the All Star game terrible is the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series. That makes the game MEAN something? Who are they kidding?

And finally, the start time. Is it 840pm eastern time so we can watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in the local 7 & 730 time slots? Come on.. Pre game at 730, game at 8. Fox has nothing but reruns of the Simpsons or some other stupid rerun of a sitcom so do the pregame at 7 and game at 730. It’s now 1220am and the game is approaching 4 hours. The AL is out of position players and there are 2 pitchers left. I am turning it off with runners on 1st and 2nd and 1 out for the AL. It’s bed time. I rest my case. 

I hope it ends in a tie again..Baseball and Bud Selig deserve it.