Amateur (dumb) mistakes by Vasquez and Neal

March 21, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Everyone is all up in arms about the dumb comments made by Greivis Vasquez and Dave Neal yesterday, where both took shots at Memphis and Conference USA during the press conference to ready us all for the Terps-Tigers Round of 32 showdown today in Kansas City.

You didn’t hear Gary Williams say anything dumb, did you?

In fact, Lane Kiffen not withstanding, you NEVER hear coaches say something inflammatory about teams that will appear on their schedule – whether the game is the next day, next month or next season.

Williams wasn’t born yesterday.  It’s hard enough to beat Memphis when all of your chakras are in line, let alone when a couple of your best players spout off about the quality of competition they face.

Gary is a professional.  He’s been around the block.

Vasquez and Neal are kids.  They’re amateurs.

I’m not necessarily excusing what they said.  It was dumb, no doubt.  I’m sure Gary isn’t thrilled with having to read and hear that junk today.  It’s just not “sports-smart” to whizz on your (better) opponent 24 or so hours before the game.

But the reasoning behind it is simple?  They’re amateurs.  

It might make life a little tougher for Gary today.  If Memphis is up by 11 with 23.2 seconds left, I could see them going for one final 3 pointer or a monster slam just to drive the point home to Greivis and Dave Neal.

Then again, maybe Maryland wins by 8 and those two are right.

What do I think?

I think Gary’s chakras better be in line.